When NYX Cosmetics announced that it was bringing the brand to India back in 2016, I went absolutely mental. And I kept my fingers crossed for their coveted Full Throttle Lipsticks. Praise to the God above, NYX DID launch the lipsticks on Nykaa. And I bought 4 out of the total 6 they launched. There were a bunch of other shades in the range, so it was sad that they started off with only 4 of them.

But it was cool. Since they were a few colours I really wanted.


It’s the color addict’s ultimate fix and a makeup artist’s dream: Our new waterproof Full Throttle Lipstick covers your lips with super-saturated matte color and features a unique bullet with a beveled edge for lining, filling and perfecting your pout to your heart’s desire.

nyx full throttle


I LOOOOVE the full throttle lipsticks. In fact, I recommend them to EVERYONE I know!

Waterproof? Let me take you swimming on the first date.

Super saturated matte? Could it BE any more matte?

Bullet with a beveled edge? That’s how it is shaped, but the claim of it lining, filling and perfecting your pout is, in short, pointless. Because in one application, the beveled edge is not so beveled anymore.

The product is well rested in a sleek and slim bullet packaging with the all the information you could possibly require printed on it. Which includes shade names, duh.

The lipstick itself seems pretty pigmented and has no scent, which is a good thing. Because certain lipsticks have super strong fragrances to mask the chemical smell, which in turn, becomes more nauseating than nice. I want to look pretty, not puke all over, thank you.

Application- oh dear God, where do I begin? Forget lips, this product has such a SOFT application even on your hands! It LEGIT glides like a Koenigsegg Agera on the Great Ocean Road in Australia. You get stunning, pigmented product IN. ONE. SWIPE. It’s SUPER comfortable on the lips and lasts so long, you’ll probably forget you have it on!

Apart from the full colour pay off, the best thing about the Full Throttle Lipsticks are that they don’t settle into fine lines or cracks- so no flaking, no crumbling, and no wrinkly lips! Cuz lets face it- NOBODY wants to look like the grinch. It also does not bleed, unlike most lipsticks, so you won’t be asking people why they’re so serious.

Shop the Full Throttle range on Nykaa. (unless of course, if it’s sold out. In which case, you’ve got to wait.)