Nykaa Perfume is an essence to flirt with flowers

“No elegance is possible without a perfume. It is unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” If you think about the things in your pretty kitty that you use every day, chances are a perfume would definitely be on the list and would come up in top three things. Fragrances are intensely personal, they are a reflection of your mood and your personality, and it only takes a simple spritz to take you places. Our favourite online beauty brand, Nykaa has now launched new perfumes from their own brands. Nykaa perfume is a blend which flirts with some of the best flowers that you always wanted in your perfumes. The online platform currently has two fragrances, Raison d’etre and Joie de vivre, and plans to add more soon. Nykaa has named these perfume brand as Moi.

Nykaa Perfume _ Style GodsThe brand’s CEO Falguni Nayar tells us, “We have created Moi by Nykaa with the idea of creating a fragrance wardrobe, a collection of perfumes that you pick according to your mood. And we chose the word ‘Moi’ to reflect this very personal experience. The two fragrances we are launching the collection which is each inspired by different moods and feelings. One is powerfully subtle, while the other delivers a fresh crispness.”

nykaa-launches-two-new-perfumes-vogue-india-866×487Joie de vivre is the French phrase that means ‘joy of life’. The fragrance offers a light and spicy blend of Citrus and Pepper, grounded with the woody notes of Amber and Oak Moss to give you a feeling of blissful relaxation. Perfect for days to watch the world. Raison d’etre, the French phrase translating to ‘reason for being’ inspires a subtle, yet elegant fragrance to give you an air of calm domination. Here, a well-crafted potion of sensual Rose and Vanilla is tapered with Musk and Vetyver for a powerfully feminine feel.

“Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of a woman, the finishing touch on a dress.” It’s time to try something new.

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