Don’t spend hours getting the perfect nail art. Freshly baked, instant cookie effect in seconds, Nykaa Cookie Crumble nail paints

The millennial women go to website which has just launched a fun new range of nail lacquers. Nykaa Cookie Crumble is a lot more interesting than your nail art on which you spend hours. The new collection has seven completely unique pastel shades with matte black glitter that will keep your beauty game.

Nykaa Cookie Crumble _ stylegodsThe hues, ranging from pinks to mints and more, offers a rich colour.  This is the nail lacquer that every woman dreams of! The ultra-fun nail polish formula guarantees a sophisticated look in stroke and a plumping effect.


Blueberry Shortbread : This delicious blue nail lacquer with matte black glitter is surely going to hit that sweet tooth. Resist no more, go ahead and treat yourself.

Mint Choco Chip : This mint green hue speckled with matte black glitter is as refreshing as its coined name. Count us in to devour double batch of these sweet treats!

Cherry Crunch : Cherry Crunch will change your mind and will have running for it again and again! Almost as satisfying as a crunchy pastry, this pink nail lacquer with matte black glitter will surely leave him wanting more.

 Gooey Marshmallow : Nothing says a sweet ending like indulging in roasted marshmallow by the fire. Marshmallow is a creamy delicacy that will leave your pinkies looking absolutely irresistible!

Vanilla Crisps : If you think you going to pass this sweet treat, better change your mind. This milky white nail lacquer speckled with matte black treat will have you drooling over it.

Frosted Lemon : Your heart might rush towards this lemon shade. This delicate yellow shade speckled with matte glitter is as zest as it sounds.

Strawberry Crinkle : Strawberry Crinkle is the perfect mixture of delicious sweetness and a dollop of fun! This light pink shade with speckled matte black glitter is perfect for the girly, girl in you.

We feel like ordering all the shades right away. Post pictures and let us know in the comment below how well did it go with your fashion statement. 

Stay Sexy with Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Paints .

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