When I think of royal makeup, I think of Natasha Denona. Exquisite packaging with top notch quality – that is what Denona offers the public time and time again. And with her upcoming shadow palette, she’s got everybody excited.

The All Neutral Biba Palette is exactly what it sounds like – an all neutral palette.

It features 15 brand new shades & the signature ND formulas. Including neutral, warm and cool tones from light to dark, in different textures. This eyeshadow palette is very user-friendly & covers a popular shade range, varying from mauves, burgundies and browns to warm greys and black.

  • RUSTIC (214M) Metallic
  • PRAIRIE (215CM) Creamy Matte
  • COCO (216CM) Creamy Matte
  • FRECKLE (217CM) Creamy Matte
  • SHINE (218M) Metallic
  • PASHA (219CM) Creamy Matte
  • MONROE (220M) Metallic
  • RAYON (221CP) Cream Powder
  • BUFF (222CM) Creamy Matte
  • TONE (223CP) Cream Powder
  • SEED (224CM) Creamy Matte
  • TAR (225CM) Cream Powder
  • SCULPTURE (225CM) Creamy Matte
  • SPOT (227CP) Cream Powder
  • TUSK (228CM) Creamy Matte
Natasha Denona Biba Palette
Source: Brand

Matte eyeshadows

Apply with fluffy eyeshadow brushes to blend or detail brushes for precision.


Metallic / Duo Chrome / Chroma Crystal eyeshadows

May be applied with different shapes of brushes for a subtle application.

For high pay off / foiled finish, apply with a damp eyeshadow brush or with the tip of your finger.


The Biba Palette will be a permanent item in the Natasha Denona line. And although it will retail at a whopping $129, fans of the brand will flock to it like bees to pollen.

Biba will be available for purchase at Sephora on the 15th of March. And will be available everywhere else in Mid-April. However, if you’ve saved some coin for a rainy day and are itching to spend it, you can shop the Biba Palette Pre-sale on the Natasha Denona website.

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