In a surprising (?) turn of events, Norvina, President of Anastasia Beverly Hills dropped the reveal of the final palette in the Norvina Collection series. I know, I know. Volumes 2 and 1 JUST came out, with Vol. 2 revealing only last week. So why the rush?

Apparently, the launches were supposed to be spaced out. But due to logistical issues, and mainly the palettes being leaked, the brand took the unnerving decision to drop them all at once. Which, when you think about it, kinda makes sense because now you can purchase whichever Norvina palette floats your boat.


Adorned with and surrounded by butterflies, Claudia looks every bit the Disney princess in the promo shoots for the last palette. The highlighted colour in the Norvina Vol. 3 palette is orange, with the rest of the shades either it’s hues or complimentary tones.

ABH Norvina Vol. 3
Source: Temptalia

If you haven’t been following the Norvina Collection, Vol. 1’s star was purple, while blue being the dominant shade in Vol. 2.

The Norvina Vol. 3 palette is similar to her predecessors. With ABH’s largest palette size, and a total of 25 gorgeous shades, these palettes are pretty unique to Norvina. Ever since involving herself more with product launches, formulations and the works, Claudia has been nailing the new pieces by the brand.

ABH Norvina Vol. 3
Source: Norvina/Twitter

Furthermore, I personally enjoy watching her swatch/explanation/product detail videos on her Instagram. The passion is evident in her voice, as is her excitement. As a result, I also vibe with the same, and throw my money away.

The Norvina Vol. 3 is definitely a “fall” palette. The inclusion of warmer tones, with a mix of mattes and shimmers makes it a strong contender for Fall 2019. Moreover, similar to the other volumes of the Norvina Collection, this one also includes pressed pigments.

Vol. 3 launches alongside Vol. 2 on the 26th of September online, and in stores.