For someone who loves playing with their looks, a lot of hair styling tools that require a lot of heat  are needed. Although using heat tools at the moment may sound not so bad, but regularly using extreme heat on your hair can cause permanent damage. Hence the only hope for creating curls and volume is using a lot of heat(well hold that thought).

Finally, Dyson is putting an end to heat damage with its new gadget Airwrap Styler.Two years after launching the Supersonic hair dryer, the brand is changing the game again with this styling tool that works by using high pressure air flow rather than heat.High speed airflow is used to wind up your strands without the hint of a tug, leaving it all curled

Here’s how it works:

The styler attracts and wraps hair for you, using air. Harnessing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect, it curves air to attract hair to the barrel. No clamping, gloves or awkward winding mechanisms. Just voluminous curls and waves.

Yes, it’s exactly like a vacuum, but your hair won’t get stuck in it. You leave your hair wrapped around the tool for about 10 seconds and gently pull it down to reveal a tight, bouncy curl.

The Airwrap doesn’t just curl hair though. It comes with a whole set of attachments that you can use based your hair type and texture, along with how you want to style your hair on any given day. Along with two different sizes of Coanda Effect curlers, there’s three smoothing brushes (firm, soft, and round).Because the styler uses air instead of heat, hair has to be at a certain amount of dampness in order to be styled. That’s why, among the attachments that come with the styler, there’s a pre-styling dryer meant to dry your hair to the optimal moisture level.

Currently there’s three different sets available, which vary in the attachments they come with.

It is sold in three separate sets to choose from based on hair type, texture, and the style you’re trying to achieve. You can buy any of them from Dyson and Nykaa.

Although it might leave a burning hole in your pocket, its worth it to keep your hair far from the heating damage. Plus it’s like getting multiple tools in one set, somehow convenient than carrying multiple of appliances.

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