Nicobar Latest Collection will make you crazy for going out and shop from the brand

Nicobar is known for its easy and effortless aesthetic clothing. There is a wide spectrum of offerings in the close pieces that are as suited to everyday wear as they are made for special occasions. Nicobar latest collection is that you can’t miss. Here are certain pointers which brand keep in mind while designing and framing their collection.

Nicobar Latest Collection _ stylegods

Design Element

Their silhouettes have a global appeal which anyone can carry easily. The clothes feature motifs that are borrowed from subcontinent. Brand focus on bringing life to a quiet, self-confident ‘Indianness’ that is authentic, relaxed and casual.

It is that a multi-fold universe of colours, fabric and sensibilities are working together. Nicobar is involved in shaping a design lexicon that straddles timeless style with essential bits for everyday living.


Inspiration For Brand

Nicobar’s design are inspiration from a long journey. A journey that belongs to silk root and go season by season. Drawing inspiration from Africa, Morocco, Japan through to China, and back. Their newest collection is rooted in China’s vastly inspiring history, but extends all the way up into the cosmos.

You can see a palette of clothing color that is darker and suited to a season. A collection that give a new way to see the sun, celebrations, midwinter and the seaside. It does not end here you will find shiny liquorice black, inky navy, and rich crimson. There are some graphic checks and dramatic florals also. All their signature fabrics from feather light Chanderi to silky Mashru. Stop thinking at go out to explore most comfortable with unique styling. You can trust this brand for its conceptualization and thought process behind every collection they come up with.

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