Style is primarily a matter of instinct

Everyday is a new era in fashion, its about individual style and a way to express, I never want to pass on a bland expression because for me style is a very strong way of communication. I like everyone and anyone who goes against the wind or try to break their shell or refuses to work on a set pattern.

Nothing stays forever in fashion Industry and things keep on changing so fast like ice cream melts when not in fridge. Fashion constantly reinvent and upgrade itself and every time we see a trend that catches the fashionista’s eyes, becomes a rage. One who comes up with something that is never seen, never felt before will mark their name in this industry and similar is done by W’s as they just introduced PantRobes that are high on the fashion quotient and easy to carry. Pantrobes are a combination of long kurta’s with pants or culottes with open jacket called a gilet.

So here I am displaying few picks from their collection and also you can order them just by clicking on “Buy it” option, below every picture.


White Printed


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Multicolor Sleeve


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Black Sleeve


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Grey Gilet


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Ecru Gilet


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Not only just the term but this whole collection is introduced for the first time ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to choose and be the first to walk in the ultra unique and newfangled collection.