I’m a victim of hormonal acne at the moment, and it’s taking a toll on my self-esteem. Hence, your girl is scrounging the desi K-beauty market to look for a solution. And thanks to a cutie at the Limese Connect HQ, I found out about A.by BOM. The product/brand research eventually led me to find out that this particular luxury K-beauty brand is now available on Nykaa!


According to the brand’s website, “A.by BOM cosmetics is a brand that takes care about the people and the nature. We hope for the harmonized worlds with the people and the nature. Our aim is to create cosmetics that understands the human’s skin in depth beyond the space and time rather than merely bringing the brand names to the fore. We attempt to approach to the customers with our high quality products and high-class designs.”

Source: Brand

Mark A, with its meaning of atelier, conveys the spirit of A.by BOM. A line on the Mark A, symbolized the image of a shooting star, implies a place where the stars are born as well as the beautiful persons. A.by BOM also identifies the ‘atelier by BOM’ where the spirit of the spring sprouts out so that the objects and the human could be reborn. (Bom means the spring in Korean.)

A.by BOM Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser

A by BOM Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser is a balm with a buttery soft texture, that easily melts into an oil on contact with skin – making it an efficient makeup remover. Camilla oil and Chia seed then work to hydrate and condition the skin, along with the revitalizing “eoseongcho” extract. The balm is absorbed deep into the skin, allowing it to remove impurities from the pores. Its texture ensures that it leaves the skin feeling clean, radiant and moist, even after it is washed off!

Source: Brand
A.by BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum

This is a product designed to target brightening and anti-aging. Formulated with a combination of plant and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, it provides multiple benefits. Components like vitamins and peptides helps in boosting skin elasticity. Plant extracts such as organic aloe vera and green tea from Jeju Island revitalizes the skin and protect it against free radicals. With dual function treatment, the eye serum is the first step to any anti-aging methods.

Source: Brand

If you’ve got the coin on you, shop the brand here.

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