Fashion is life, and just like life, you must express your feeling freely.

The word fashion is not just a word but passion, idea and a different world in itself. There is no break for designers throughout the year and they have to come up with taylormade concept with new innovations and idea. In fashion world nothing can lasts forever, designers present their collection four times a year to stay in trend. We just came across a named “Zivar” by Ankur and Priyanka Modi.


14440616_10154648427269828_528714723674232094_nThe founder husband and wife: Ankur and Priyanka Modi has presented polished ready-to-wear collections that focus on refinement and purify lines. Their entrance couture collection “Zivar” has already been a hit in all the stores. There is no limit to the budget as they have played with fabrics, embroideries, colors and silhouettes as much as they could.

fashion-759‘Zivar’ (which means silver) is a simple impulse subsequent for bidriware, that is a qualification where china inlay is finished on black metal. Bidri work motifs are translated into embroideries and prints. The collection starts with black and ivory, that is for occasional wear. There are few more colors like blood red and softer summer palette like color of rose and sea green. The shapes and fit is something we might have never seen on a bride. It also includes printed capes, uneven pleated skirts, peplum jackets, wrapped and off-shoulder blouses.

14470414_10154659834069828_7315024260891252261_nWe know its tempting but you will have to visit their stores to buy this collection as its not available online.

Go Zivarish



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