Dewy skin is the ultimate aesthetic. Because it represents healthy, glowy, youthful skin. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional matte AF finish, especially in India. Since the weather will transform your dewy-ness into a straight up oil field, regardless of your skin type. It’s not all that forgiving, for longer events and days out. But when it comes to staying under the protective cover of your AC, dewy skin is where the party’s at.

Famous for coining the term “Dewy Dumplings”, celebrity make-up artist Nam Vo is the expert behind the glowiest of looks. Whether it’s donning up celebrity clientele, or dolling herself, Nam Vo’s aesthetic revolves around flawless, luminescent skin.


According to Vo, you can’t have a gorgeous look without focusing your attention to something much deeper, and much more important – your skin. If you’ve ever seen any of Nam Vo’s bare-faced videos, you’ve obviously appreciated how FLAWLESS her skin is.

That’s because the artist focuses a LOT of her time on taking care of her skin. “Beautiful makeups starts with beautiful skin,” Vo believes. “Skin is 60 per cent DNA, the other 40 per cent is your lifestyle and how you manage stress. You need to be sleeping and pooping well.” Amen.

Nam Vo is super strict when it comes to skin care regimens, and is constantly changing it up. Masks, facials, peels, at home treatments – she goes the whole mile. And ofcourse, bears the fruit of her labour. Her skin is gorgeous, with or without the artificial glow.

To anyone who asks for advice on how to master the dewy dumplings glow, or how to conceal “flaws”, she advises paying attention to your skin first.


Nam Vo ALWAYS carries facial oils with her. Because she says that products sit better on well hydrated skin as opposed to dry skin. So make sure to prep that skin before you get into the makeup. One of her favourite essences is by Belif – which you can purchase too!

She always mixes in her foundations with a gel/cream highlighter – her favourite being the Marc Jacobs Dew You. Moreover, there isn’t a face in the world she doesn’t touch the OG Beauty Blender to. As for concealer, she prefers to spotlight – underneath the eyes, around her nose, and on the forehead. Dab and roll the product with the beauty blender.

Vo only applies powder to places she concealed. She prefers to leave the cheeks powder free and hence, glowy. She’s also known to OD on blush.

A combination of cream and powder highlights gives her (and her clients!) the blinding glow we all witness on her infamous gram. AKA, dewy dumplings!

If there’s something that Nam Vo’s 10 year career has taught her, it’s that not all skin may be flawless. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it. “Lather on a shit tonne of SPF, and stay out of the sun!”

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