You can try these Nail Care Tips which could make your hands look beautiful

There is nothing which a manicure can not mend, but sometimes the sheer number of choices could get overwhelming, even for the professionals. We are here with nail care tips we have covered for you. From picking nail shape for your hands to which colours are work appropriate.


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First and foremost look at your hands. Is your nail bed narrow or broad? Are your palms short, stubby, long or slim? Once you’ve determined this, you can now choose an appropriate form. Wide nail bed and short/chubby fingers: Round or oval nails assist elongate the fingers. Broad nail bed and long/slim palms: Almond claws provide the illusion of slender fingers. Narrow nail bed and short/stubby fingers: Square or squoval nails include broadness to little hands. Narrow nail bed and long/slim palms: Ballerina, stiletto or almond claws accentuate and emphasise delicate hands.



Natural vs gel vs acrylic

Nail Care Tips _ stylegods

This choice depends upon the nail length you choose and the level of your nails. For claws, a manicure on your own nails is generally good. Wearing gel gloss on your nails will keep them chip-free for two to three weeks. For nails that are brittle or slow-growingnails can add span and the desirable strength. Both gel and acrylic nails last for 3 weeks on an average.

Nail Care Tips _ stylegods

When you think of nail art, would you think of Swarovski studded nails that are crazy and OTT designs? Think again. Nail art has expanded to include a whole host of subtle layouts. Therefore, whether you are nail art lover or a nail minimalist–there is a design for you.

Nail Care Tips _ stylegods

Trends like chrome claws, coloured, ombre and marbling tips are all the rage. Go on and find one that you adore.

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