Hello Ladies,
Eyes talk a lot about a person’s mood, temperament and disposition. Perfectly applied, excellent eye makeup assures a second glance from most people. The use of eyeliner by women is ancient, earlier in the bronze age women used to apply kohl, a lead based mixture, to enhance and contour their eyes. In the earlier days eyeliner was also applied as it was considered to ward off evil eyes. However, today, eyeliner is used by women to make a mark. Eyeliner has the power to enhance your look like no other make up. It is usually applied on the upper lash line. Eyeliners are available in various forms like liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and gel or cream eyeliner. Different eyeliners will give you different results thus you can use eyeliners according to your desired result.
Liquid eyeliners are easy to use and can create a clean line without any hassle. Pencil eyeliners are waxier and tend to give a smudged effect. Gel and cream eyeliners are the best of all, however you need a brush to sue them. If your style is the famous winged eyes or smoky eyes, then gel or cream eyeliners are the best for you. Create a bold eye look with eyeliners and be a stunner wherever you go.
But for me I’m actually bored with the basic black shade of the eyeliners. I’ve always loved the idea of colored eyeliner, but I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to non-neutrals. I thought going for a dark navy blue liner would be an interesting way to try something different, while still staying in my comfort zone. The time has come when we can finally declare blue eyeliner a real trend. 
So, below are few of the best blue colored eyeliners available in the market. Hope you’ll like them.



Price : Rs. 595




Price  : Rs. 360




Price : Rs. 650




Price : Rs. 675



Price : Rs. 645



Price : Rs. 675




Price : Rs. 499




Price : Rs. 216




Price : Rs. 499


So, above are few best eyeliners I have spotted for you all. Try these amazing eyeliners this summer season to dazzle your look..