Howdy ladies,

With the onset of monsoon this year, there is lot more than romance that we need to gear up on. We cannot stop the rain, every time we are out of our homes but we can definitely protect ourselves and be ready for its unheralded arrival any time.

Now, let’s quickly look at the rain essentials this season, that will make you enjoy monsoon in a better way, no matter how messy it may appear.

1. Umbrella

Umbrella is always a must have for rainy season as it protects you, your hair and clothes from getting drenched in the rain. You might opt for an stylish one to pair up with your attire.


2. Raincoat

Wondering why raincoat? Well yes, sometimes umbrellas are not that handy and fashionable, so raincoats are a good option. Its not only for kids because your clothes need care too.


3. Rain Boots

Protecting your feet during this season is very important especially when wading through floods of water, your rain boots come in handy.


4. Water proof flip flops

Ladies, this is the season to give more preference to waterproof foot wears.


5. Water proof handbag

It’s very important to carry water resistant handbags and clutches while you are commuting during monsoon. It keeps your essentials safe.


6. Water proof make up

Ladies, I am sure that you don’t want teary eyes when caught in rain. So, its time to invest in water proof mascara, eye liner, foundation and lip moisturizer.


You can’t change the weather but you can definitely protect yourselves from the rain. So, say good bye to damp clothes and wet feet.


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