Hello divas,

With time, fashion and our preferences change. Whatever comes has to go, and whatever has gone, comes back with a bang as per universal fashion law.

And let me tell you, gone are the days when ladies were so much obsessed with fashion neglecting their comfort. This marks the return of comfy mules for your beautiful soles to walk in comfort and style that speaks your persona.

This style is predominantly worn by women though not exclusively. Mule is a type of shoe that is backless and closed-toed. Mules can be flat to high.Mules experienced some popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s, and were seen in the 1970s and early 1980s almost exclusively in the form of open-back Scandinavian clogs, but then re-emerged in the late 1990s, especially in its open-toed form, and began to dominate the shoe market for women.

The biggest advantage of wearing mules is the ease with which they can be slipped on. Though I personally prefer closed toe mules, but you also get peep toe mules both flat and heeled. The peeping part is small so that your shoe covers most of your toe.

I have selected few styles for you so that next time when you step into market you already have the right style as per your comfort and personality.


This season, the fashion crowd is flipping for flat mule. Consider the flat slip-on shoe as an alternative to your pool slides, and wear it with anything from denim cutoffs while running errands to a mini dress on date night.


You can add a crazy pair of block heeled mule under a simple or rugged jeans with a tee to keep it simple and still on the go.


Flat, closed toe and shoe shaped mule is very comfortable to carry all day long, casually anywhere.It can best be paired under rugged jeans or shorts with balloon tops and tees.


High heeled colourful and glittery mules are very much in fashion and are most preferable for party wear or along with dresses on your dates or any occasion.


You get printed and colourful mules too. They may be both round and pointed. Colourful and medium heeled mules give a funky look to your dress and add a vibrant side to your overall look. Blank is not the only colour to be worn.


Printed and designed mules are preferred by teenagers for their everytime chic look,for schools and colleges.

Thus, mules should be on top of your bucket list,this summers if you really want to try on something different that makes you look simple and stylish. Mules come in all range and brands from cheap ones to the pricey ones that you get in any outlet.

Stay stylish!

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