Allow me to admit that I own a BUNCH of nudes. For the untrained eye, all of them seem to be the exact same shade. But for pros, they can tell the difference in hues and undertones, aka, “NOT ALL NUDES ARE THE SAME!” And what may be considered nude for me, might be a washed out colour for someone else. Hence, we find ourselves tasked with finding our own versions of the perfect nude. And thanks to the numerous brands out there, we’ve got LOADS of options. One such brand who has recently dropped a whole lotta nudes? Makeup Forever.


Innovative cream liquid lipstick in 12 skin-flattering nude shades with a satin finish.

Nail your nude with our next-level take on knockout lips. Rich, creamy formula provides one-swipe color payoff and long-lasting wear in 12 modern shades. Created by the pros, these lip colors were designed specifically to flatter a broad range of complexions.

MUFE Artist Nude Creme Lipstick
Source: Brand
MUFE Artist Nude Creme Lipstick
Source: Brand
  • 12 bare – deep, cool, burgundy
  • 11 undraped – deep, warm, chocolate
  • 10 natural – dark, cool, plum wine
  • 9 pure – dark, warm, reddish brown
  • 8 touch – medium-deep, cool, mauvy plum
  • 7 smolder – medium-deep, warm, brick
  • 6 nude – medium, cool pink
  • 5 exposed – medium, warm, coral beige
  • 4 tempt – light, cool, mauvy pink
  • 3 bluff – light, warm, pinky brown
  • 2 flesh – very light, cool, pinky beige
  • 1 uncovered – very light, warm, peachy beige

The Artist Nude Crème Lipsticks by MUFE $20 each. Shop them at Sephora or on the brand’s official website.

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