When it comes to luxe eye shadows, nobody does it better than Natasha Denona (maybe Pat McGrath – but I like to believe that they’re on the same level) No matter how high Natasha Denona’s palettes are priced, people flock to it like bees to pollen. Her shadows are creamy, easy to apply and don’t go on patchy.

So when the queen announces that there’s going to be a new palette in town, you pay attention. Natasha Denona has a multitude of palettes, her most popular ones being the minis. And now the brand is about to give the people a mini nude palette.

The palette has 2 matte shades, and 3 beautiful shimmers. The kind you want touch through your screen just to see how yummy they feel. It looks a little similar to the Mini Camel Palette, but of course, it isn’t.

The mini nude palette will retail for $25, and will be available EXCLUSIVELY to Sephora on the 26th of December.

Here’s to hoping that we get a full size Nude palette too. Because all things considered, it will be pretty iconic.

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