When ColourPop introduced their BFF liners to the world, we were all shook. Multiple colours in a pen eyeliner hadn’t been done before. And ColourPop being our favourite budget friendly beauty brand, we knew we had to get our hands on it. But the thing about ColourPop is that the brand never sleeps. So of course, they had to re-introduce other BFFs – the Crème Gel Liner, and the Crème Gel Colour.


This collection features a full set of the crème gel liners – making our artsy dreams come true.


Colour glides on smoothly for comfortable application in the waterline. Creamy formula makes blending super easy and formula dries down for long-lasting wear. The easy-to-use, glide-on pencils make it a breeze to create the look you want. With 20 colourful shades ranging from neon to metallic, it won’t be hard to find the shade you need to complete your look.

  • Insomniac Liner: neon pink
  • Untz Liner: neon orange
  • Punch Liner: canary yellow
  • Crssd Liner: neon yellow
  • Electric Daisy Liner: neon green
  • Zulu Liner: vivid pastel seafoam green
  • Teaspoon Liner: intense emerald green
  • Fast Lane Liner: intense blackened teal
  • Prance Liner: bright periwinkle blue
  • DTLA Liner: deep blackened blue
  • Cry Baby Liner: cool-toned pastel lavender
  • Piggy Bank Liner: vivid red violet
  • Exit Liner: true bright white
  • HoneyDude Liner: creamy warm nude
  • Kicker Liner: bright true silver
  • Dirty Talk Liner: soft metallic gold
  • Get Paid Liner: metallic rose gold
  • Over Board Liner: warm metallic bronze
  • Call Me Liner: deep plummy brown
  • Swerve Liner: true onyx black

This collection has all the crème gel colours you will ever need to be your own artist. The precision of a liquid with the ease of a gel-based formula. This long-wearing formula has high-intensity pigment and provides ultra-smooth application without tugging or pulling.

Need your look to stay on? These 12 hour long wearing gel liner pots are versatile and so easy to use. Create a wing, use it as a base, blend it out like a smokey eye, any look you want, we’ve got 15 shades to choose from.

  • Kicker: bright true silver
  • Dirty Talk: soft metallic gold
  • Get Paid: metallic rose gold
  • Over Board: warm metallic bronze
  • Exit: true bright white
  • Prance: bright periwinkle blue
  • Zulu: vivid pastel sea foam green
  • Cry Baby: cool-toned pastel lavender
  • Boots: hot pink
  • Punch: brilliant canary yellow
  • Swerve: true onyx black
  • Teaspoon: intense emerald green
  • Piggy Bank: vivid red violet
  • Venus: vibrant red
  • Puppy: vibrant warm orange

You can shop both BFFs as collections, or as individual items. Find them on colourpop.com.

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