Manny MUA was the first boy artist I followed on Instagram. I remember being mesmerized by the way he did his makeup. Growing from a makeup artist, to an influencer, to owning his own beauty brand – Manny Gutierrez has done it all.

Lunar Beauty is Manny’s own brand, and he fully intends to break new ground with it. Whether it was the “Life’s A Drag” palette, or the entire Greek Goddess line, pigmentation and diversity is key. In the famous words of Manny himself, “SO PIGMENTED!

More recently, he gave the beauty community his spell binding highlighters, called “Moon Prism Powders.” I saw Karen obsessing over them, and I knew they were legit.

Manny MUA
Manny MUA drops by HL to talk about Lunar Beauty & his upcoming projects. / Source: Hollywood Life

Gutierrez explains that the new highlighters are inspired by his love of Sailor Moon. He explains that the character was a “big inspiration” for him as he grew up. Likewise, that’s where the idea for the new pressed powder highlighters came from.

In the name of the moon…I’ll highlight you!

Our Moon Prism highlight powder is a very smooth and creamy formula that goes from buildable to blinding in seconds. Apply this stunning highlight to the high points of the face for a grievous glow. Shine on my loves!


Lunar Beauty has dropped four blinding shades in this line. The names are as follows –

  • Venus Moon – true medium gold
  • Mars Moon – peach
  • Mercury Moon – pale white
  • Jupiter MoonTop of Form – deep copper with glitter reflects
moon prism powders
Swatches / Source: Lunar Beauty

But, this isn’t the end of the road for the YouTuber. Manny intends to continue exponentially expanding his line. And if what we’ve seen is just the beginning, the brand has a bright future ahead of itself. In conclusion, we’re here for it.

Shop the Moon Prism Powders for $26 each on Lunar Beauty’s website.

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