Dwelling in the seasonal changes, Monsoon Skin Care in the must for each one of us

The onset of the Indian monsoon is an entirely sensory experience and monsoon skin care is most important to live this season with open heart. The cool raindrops quenching the heat of the earth, the petrichor reminiscent of memories made getting drenched in a sudden downpour and the taste buds yearning for warm tea. But Ayurveda believes that monsoon is the most unfavourable time for health and skin. This season needs more pampering and care. Here we have searched for some major problems affecting your skin and their cures.

Monsoon Skin Care _ Style Gods

A flushed face is one of the most common reasons for redness of the skin. This happens due to increased vasodilation caused post workout. Another big cause is rosacea, which like the name suggests gives your face a red appearance like a rose. Dermatitis means irritation or inflammation of the skin and seborrhea means sweat.

Monsoon Skin Care _ Style Gods

There is a lot more to take care of your skin this monsoon as dust particles easily settle on your skin which eventually damages the regular soft and toned look your skin possess. Use soap-free cleansers and a good scrub so as to keep your skin moist all the time. An alcohol-free toner is suggested as the high humidity could open up your pores. Avoid bleaching and facials in this season, as bleaching could do more harm for your face and facial makes your skin rough. Waxing, pedicure, and manicure are always recommended to give your skin and body a toned look all the time. You surely have to use sunscreen daily with no ignorance.

“Rainclouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful.” Enjoy the season with no compromises just follow these skin care tips and you will love to go and enjoy.

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