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Invest in your hair,

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Monsoon season is not only known for super dry skin but also damaged hair and full of humidity, that we all hate. We cannot escape this but we can surely take some steps to care for our hair better this monsoon.

So, here are some tips for you all to follow, that would keep your damage hair aside and make you feel beautiful everyday.


Shampoo Twice A Week

Shampoo your hair everytime you walk in the rain. Rain water is acidic which makes your scalp itchy. Even washing your hair too often can damage your hair. Since the weather is already humid, so make sure you wash your hair atleast twice a week. You can use Wella shampoo and conditioner for frizz free and soft hair.



Oil Massage


All you need to do to revitalize your hair is oiling and massaging. For this you just have to take out some time from your busy schedule. This gives natural boost to your dry hair strands. It works wonder for your hair. You can use Parachute hot coconut oil for healthy hair.


Keep Your Hair Dry


Since the weather is already humid, so try and keep your hair dry. Don’t wash your hair and go out. Whenever your hair is wet in rain, make sure either you properly dry your hair, once you are back home or better opt for a shampoo. This might leave your hair frizzy and brittle.


Use Wide Toothed Comb


Always use wide toothed comb during monsoon because its always humid, windy and sticky. It helps in detangling your hair strands properly. It helps to keep it frizz free. You can keep it handy, everytime you step outof your home. You can use Vega wide toothed comb.


Don't Leave Your Hair open


We love hair styles when our hair is open, but monsoon is not the right time for it. You should always keep your hair loosely tied to avoid rain in your hair. Leaving you hair open results in frizzines and leaves your hair sticky. You can make loose pont tail or a bun.


Avoid Hair Styling


Hair styling during monsoon damages your hair due to damp weather. Heating your hair increases the amount of frizziness and dryness. So better not opt for hair styling products and especially hair sprays.

Monsoon is not the time to restrict yourself from enjoying just due to some of your concerns. keep your worries aside and follow these steps for beautiful hair even during monsoon.

Happy  monsoon!

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