Modern shoes which are much needed to every man.

Here are 7, to name a few:

Modern shoes are for every men who follow the fast changing trends of shoe type coming in the stores each season. With the change in taste of the type of shoes among the youth and office goers, the fashion industry is experiencing rapid change in the shoe business. Here a few modern shoes that most men have been saving up to fill the void in their shoe rack:

Double monk

It can be worn in multiple environments and in various settings. You will look equally sharp wearing them (with the right combination) in an important business meeting or a night out with your lady. Here are a few tips on how to wear them, what to look for when buying a pair, along with what to wear them with.

Originally, The monk strap had a difficult time being placed in either the formal or casual ends of the shoe-wearing spectrum. Considered too casual to be worn with a suit and too formal for many casual environments. Moving right up to present day, this is the complete opposite. The double monk strap that can be found in menswear stores now are considered highly versatile and the shoe of choice for the stylish man.



Tassel loafers

Traditionally the tassel loafer is a whole cut style with a rounded toe outlined by a reverse seam. The leather “stings” that hold the tassels usually outline the back heal of the shoe – a detail that is similar to boat shoes like Sperry. These loafers are often made of stiff oxblood leather (preferably true cordovan) and have been known for their durability, versatility, and timelessness. For this reason, they are a great loafer to search for in vintage and thrift shops. In contradiction to the tag – ‘modern shoes,’ tassel loafers are very much prevalent in the shoe scene for the past many decades.

Tasseled loafers are maybe a tad too breezy for the kind of formal occasion or workplace where an exposed ankle will be looked down on; especially if they’re suede. This makes such type of shoes more casual. As a general rule, they look most polished in shiny leather, and black rather than brown, but at the sacrifice of some of that casual air and versatility.



Gum-Sole Trainers

Old-school gum-sole models from PE lessons such as the Adidas Samba are also bouncing back.  But the pertinent detail is being added to all manner of styles: there are more gum shoes on shelves this season than at a private detective’s convention. Such shoes leave no marks on the immaculate floor of your house or the perfect gym floor. Hence, a definite nod to the retro trend which is the key for spring/summer 2017.



Running Trainers


Knitted trainers are a smart idea for a number of reasons: they’re comfortable, breathable, sustainable and made entirely by needle-wielding grandmas. OK, maybe not that last one.

Additionally, their knitted-ness lends them a slightly premium feel, in the same way a knitted polo is a level up from a woven one, or a jumper is fancier than a sweatshirt. That and their streamlined, contemporary vibe means they work where ugly running trainers don’t. As the technology for creating these kicks spreads across the industry, it is suggestive to go off the beaten track of Nike’s Flyknit and Adidas’ Primeknit with other brands such as Athletic Propulsion Labs’ TechLoom, which were banned by the NBA for being too bouncy in a Flubber-style scandal.



Minimalist Casual

Casual sneakers are a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe. A good pair of basic black and white sneakers can do the magic. Of course, these modern shoes can be worn with all casual outfits like jeans, shorts, but you can even even wear them with smart-casual suits (if you are in a mood to experiment Yes, you can pull it off!) Most prefer wearing sneakers with shorts and chinos. Every guy needs a pair of understated sneakers. Used to be you could only wear them off duty. Now? They’re perfect for the office, the bar, the weekend, the…well, you get it.



Slip-On Sneakers

These are basically sneakers but without laces – simple yet fashionable. The younger crowd of men often enjoy the slip on sneakers. Again, they have the shape of loafer, but they are made of a canvas-like material that resembles a sneaker. What is appealing about this variety is that the canvas-like material acts as a true canvas of an artist. These shoes often have a wild or vibrant print making the shoes a fashion statement instead of just a necessary accessory.They have an inspiration of safety as one does not have to worry about tripping over their shoelaces.




Chukkas are the business casual of boots; They’re unpretentious and comfortable, yet look sharp enough for most social occasions. Modern shoes like Chukkas are tremendous shoes for a date or hitting happy hour on a Friday and Saturday night, but if you’re a professional 9-to-5 cubicle monkey chukkas look great with khakis or jeans in an office environment.

The saying “Be comfortable in your own shoes” can be translated literally as one’s ease while wearing their preferred footwear. It doesn’t matter what you wear as shoes, as long as they make you feel fantastic. I have seen people wear sandals during the winter and wool boots during the summer, throwing all footwear rules out the window. The most important thing is that every step you take should be with the utmost confidence.

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