Last year, Dose of Colors paid tribute to Mickey Mouse by launching a collection in his name. This month, they’re doing the same for Miss Minnie Mouse! The upcoming Disney themed collection features bows, polka dots and the infamous ears. Where on one hand, Mickey’s line was more toned down beauty, Minnie is full blown glam.

“We’re thrilled to have collaborated with Minnie Mouse to bring this collection to life,” Dose of Colors founder Anna Petrosian told Bustle exclusively via email. “It’s a really complete assortment with vibrant colors that characterize this timeless icon. It was the natural next step to the Mickey Collection launched last year.”

Minnie Mouse Eyeshadow Blush Palette $39

Multi-use palette. One matte blush. Six neutral to bold eyeshadow shades in a variety of matte and shimmer finishes. Some of the eyeshadows can double as highlighter and blush!

Minnie Mouse Lashes $15

Delivering Length, Volume and Flare! And rightfully included in this collab. Have you seen the poppers on Miss Minnie? GORG.

minnie mouse x dose of colors
Source: Brand
Minnie Mouse Liquid Matte Lipsticks $18 each

The real stars of this collection – DoC lipsticks are pigment packed and comfortable wearing. This collection includes 3 lipsticks.

  • Bowtiful is a rosy beige
  • Irreplaceable is a classic cherry red
  • Ladies First is a powerhouse pink
Minnie Mouse Glitter Eyeliners $19 each

Take the makeup up a notch by topping your lids with these glitter liners. Instant drama!

  • Stunning is a trendy rose gold
  • Dazzling is a platinum gold
  • Darling is a deep purple

While the collection isn’t super extensive, it’s still pretty power packed! AND it’s not too pricey either.

The Minnie Mouse x Dose of Colors collection breathes life on March 18th on the brand’s site. Additionally, it will be available at Ulta Beauty on April 21st. (So that’s going to be a looong wait.)

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