Removing your makeup is one of THE most important steps to rocking good skin. But when your makeup is waterproof, that can cause some problems. But don’t worry – Glossier is here to save you. The brand just dropped their Milky Oil, and they claim that it can remove waterproof makeup, sans the rubbing and tugging.

The name might sound nasty. But it works. Also, how cute is it that it looked like an over sized baby’s bottle. Cuz, you know, milk.


What is it?

The ultimate waterproof makeup remover.

A perfectly-proportioned combination of micellar water and weightless oil is the strength behind Milky Oil’s makeup dissolving powers.

The formula starts working immediately to gently lift off and melt away long-wearing and waterproof makeup, without any rubbing or tugging on skin.

With an opening designed for mess-free delivery, Milky Oil is optimized for targeted application on eyes and lips—and comes in handy to wick away mistakes made when applying makeup.

No greasiness, no stickiness.


How to use:

Shake well and squeeze onto facial cotton or cotton swab. Press against eyes, lips, or anywhere you’re wearing waterproof makeup, then gently wipe makeup away.

  • Conditioning
  • Gentle
Key Ingredients:

Micellar WaterUses the strength of micelles to attract dirt, oil, and makeup like a magnet.

Pro-Vitamin B5A powerful, natural moisturizer found in mushrooms and avocados.

Comfrey Root ExtractContains allantoin, which heals dry, stressed skin.


Milky Oil and Milky Jelly Cleanser are designed to complement each other. If it’s a long-wearing or waterproof makeup day, first take it off with Milky Oil. Follow with Milky Jelly for a fresh, fuller face clean.

Also, remember the double cleansing method we spoke about? DON’T use the milky oil for that purpose. It might end up leaving a nasty film on your face.

Shop Milky Oil on Glossier’s website.

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