When it comes to creating revolutionary, crazy pigmented products, there’s hardly any brand that does it better than Milk Makeup. Whether it’s one of their many, many sticks, or their current bestseller, Hydro Grip Primer, Milk Makeup stays in the news – for all the right reasons. The brand has a concealer, titled “Flex” which is a hot seller. And now, to compliment the concealer, the brand has revealed the new Flex Foundation stick.


The stick is a medium coverage, natural finish foundation.


Buildable formula can take on anything you’ve got. Stick format glides on for quick, mess-free application.


Infused with blue lotus to moisturize and chamomile to help calm redness and soothe skin.


Seamlessly becomes one with your skin without creasing or caking thanks to elastic marshmallow root extract (the ingredient that gives the candy its squishy abilities).

The Flex Foundation stick will come in an array of 36 shades.

Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick
Source: Brand

Alongwith the foundation stick, the brand is also releasing a highlighter to match – the Flex highlighter. This will come in four flattering shades, so you can pick your match.

  • Iced – soft gold
  • Blitzed – rose gold
  • Lit – champagne
  • Glazed – bronze

Milk Makeup Flex Highlighter

Both newbies in the Flex fam launch on the 6th of August! (ie, TONIGHT!) So if you’re a fan of the brand, get shopping! Furthermore, they will be available in store at Sephora on the 9th and on Cult Beauty on the 22nd.

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