Milan Fashion Week 2018 was about sensational, fun and clever clothing

“Fashion is like a good meal, a good movie and a great piece of music.” Milan Fashion Week, established in 1958, is part of the global “Big Four Fashion Weeks”. Milan Fashion Week 2018 was a week where some of the best brands were showcasing their stunning fashion trend for this coming season. They tried to bring back ’80s era for extreme fun and joy. So its time to grab a sexy prom dress, invest in some shoulder pads and do your best power pose. Just scroll our gallery to check the best designs which were showcased on the ramp this year.

Models walked against the dark Milan cityscape, large neon Prada signs, a flaming heeled shoe, a monkey, bananas, a dinosaur, all past Prada motifs. The mix of fluorescent hi-tech and heavy elements of sportswear and digital prints was offset with some of the most amazing feminine touch designs. Opening with a signature embellished lingerie-like dress, brand showcased a more rebellious No. 21 girl. No. 21 brand showcased mohair knits and lumberjack shirts worn with vinyl trousers and skirts in off-colour tones. Brand Gucci was sensational, as it set out to probe truths around fashion as a medium for transmitting inner states.

It’s was all flowing together in a hard-to-achieve way that balances high fashion and cleverly coded items with a sense of fun. With the clarity and playfulness of the way, Fendi double-F beige-brown logo patterns were deployed over everything from tights to fur sweatshirts to flocked trenchcoats and baguette bags. Moscini collection was all about a slick and edgy cuts. The bold colour of the 1960s, tailored cape and jacket skirt suits dominated the show. Skirts and dresses were transformed into spliced silver beaded evening gowns. Proportions allowed for a little more fun, suiting had a fluid movement, fabrics and colours were rich as status in fashion is important. For more classy luxury detail, there were chain and pearl decorations.

Milan fashion week was a luxury fun ride for all the spectators. Let us know what you think about the collection at Milan Fashion Week.

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