I first heard about Artist Couture when their Diamond Glow Powders were doing the rounds on Instagram. A little shuffling later, I find out that Artist Couture is spear headed by the glam AF, twerking pro Angel Merino, aka mac_daddyy.

If you’re unaware, Angel Merino is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer. He created the brand to inspire self-expression and celebrate individuality through makeup artistry. The tagline? “We are more than just a brand, we are a community made up of bold and fearless #GLOWGETTERS!”

Multiple glow products and a couple of lip pieces later, Artist Couture has revealed their first ever eye shadow palette. And it’s everything you want in a palette released for the purpose of the holidays.


Let the stroke of midnight ignite your inner vixen and prepare yourself for the ultimate rendezvous! This pressed pigment & eye shadow palette features 5 buttery mattes, a richly pigmented metallic, and two multidimensional high pearl finishes to inspire endless makeup looks. Moreover, these shades have been carefully curated to design wearable day looks to dramatic evening looks perfect for a night cap. Take the night and transform your eyes with this versatile, glow getter approved palette!

Artist Couture Midnight Maven
Source: Brand
  • Quickie – Matte light warm nude
  • Rendezvous – Dark blue base with multidimensional teal reflects
  • After Hours – Dark Purple base with multidimensional violet reflects
  • Lights Out – Metallic magenta pressed pigment
  • Frisky – Matte light terracotta
  • Rebel – Matte deep warm brown pressed pigment
  • Night Cap – Matte plum pressed pigment
  • Vixen – Matte neon pink pressed pigment
Artist Couture Midnight Maven
Source: Brand

Midnight Maven retails for $29, and is available on Artist Couture’s website. Additionally, it will be available in Sephora stores towards the end of September.

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