Well, I can imagine the ‘er expression’ which you have got while reading the headline. But, there is no harm or sin in discussing the upscaling fashion trends which male-run society is now charging to… Metrosexual style, yes this is the word. There is nothing to get shy or it has nothing to do with any old-school taboo which we all mostly skip while discussing in public. A metrosexual man is a normal masculine person, who likes to spend time looking good. Oh, don’t show your question-mark face which you must have got after reading this. Chill, this person is straight, normal, and is keen on marrying a normal-suitable girl (hey, beautiful ladies here is your match).

Metrosexual man meaning defines, a straight, well-educated, sensitive, urban person. He is in constant touch with grooming and nurturing self-look. There is nothing weird to claim that they have a routine standing appointment for a manicure, they take precise care of their hair by their salon stylist and not just a barber. Additionally, they love to shop, likes to wear jewelry, their bathroom is well-fitted with branded cosmetic products and accessories. For keeping themselves well in macho shape, they head to the fitness club and not just a gym.

So, by going with the word- metrosexual man meaning or quenching your query on ‘what is a metrosexual man’, here is what all you need to know.


When did the word got coined?

Yeah, it was in 1994 when metrosexual style terminology first saw the bright light. This word got coined by Mark Simpson who described that a man who likes to spend money and time on self-appearance and lifestyle chooses to be called metrosexual. He once said, “Metrosexual man contradicts the basic premise of traditional heterosexuality-that only women are looked at and only men do the looking.”

How do People choose to React About Metrosexual Style?

In a judgemental society of ours, talking about metrosexual style seems like talking about other extraterrestrial planets. Considerably, it has been seen as erasing the definite gender lines from the public domain. The specification that slats certain things will be done by men and certain will be done by women seems to experience a sea change. According to reports, it is said, “an emerging wave of men who negate against the restriction” of traditional set male roles and who choose to “do what they want, enjoy what they like – regardless of whether others might consider these things unmanly and un-cultured.”

Here, the media is also pacing up to be the game-changer. Marketing brands are inching every minute to keep men in power with women when it comes to pitching. Companies have created a route for men while pitching soap, powder, jeans, hair products, accessories, clothes, watches, and lots more. In addition, it was seen that the explosion has seen growth in the number of products available to male consumers.


Way back in the 16th to 17th century, men and women wore differently. Instead of distinguishing men and women power-dressing of that time. Both the genders were treated differently that saw certain changes among various classes and castes in the society. It was seen that both men and women of every caste liked to get draped with luxurious fabric that was jeweled up with precious gems and lace, styled with curly hair. Later, when things got more specific for both genders. Clothing styles for men got magnified by the use of fine linen with stylish cuts and clear buttons.

What does Research Says?

Interestingly, candid research was segmented by Kristen Barber, Doctoral Candidate at, the University of Southern California who shared her thoughts between a normal man and a metrosexual style man. During her research that was conducted in a salon, Southern California saw a major perspective of metrosexual characteristics. She found that both types of men like to head to the barbershop and specific chain store for stylish salons. But, there was an efficient difference between the two. It showed that barbershops were for working-class men who did not get bothered by how their hair looked and felt. On the other hand, the salon men were very particular about their looks, hair and took specific care for a better feel. This group of men likes to pay more for professional trims, cuts, and care because they think to be modern, professional, and progressive.

Through this research, Kristen also got to know the perception of the metrosexual for the reset of the men. They said, “working-class men, such as “mechanic(s) working at… Jiffy-Lube,” do not care about their looks and do not have their same superior ‘taste’.

So, there is no doubt to claim that metrosexual style is a superior taste of living and enjoying life kingsize! Am I right guys?

Metrosexual Characteristics

  • Guys who are crazy about games, gadgets, and of course girls.
  • It is also said that they also care about food, flowers, and fun at the same time.

There is no disclaimer change or some imbalances that one should think about. It is purely about having their own terms and conditions for leading a life to its fullest. Metrosexual personalities whom you love to see…

  1. David Beckham
  2. Alex Rodriguez
  3. Freddie Prinze Jr
  4. Shahrukh Khan
  5. Milind Soman
  6. Akshay Kumar
  7. John Abraham
  8. Hrithik Roshan and so… the list goes on.

How Many People Welcome the Idea of ‘Metrosexuality’? Are People Vocal?

Traditional gender roles are no longer valid. But, according to recent times, men are dealing with a new expectation of masculinity. The gender scenario is getting diverse among the vulnerability and metrosexuality. With the change of time, things are turning globally. As MNCs are mostly copping up to harness the world of occupation. Men are running 24×7 to get sustainable for the newly ever-evolving global scenario which has not fully taken a backseat due to work from home culture. Metrosexuality style is nothing to do with loving oneself and spending thousands to get groomed. It is all about being progressive and professional for the world out there.


Gone are the days, when people had a lavish life of 9-5 time-box. There was no tension, there was no rush, there is nothing to get proved. But, with the swipe of globalization, things are coming together and so one should be well-maintained for 24×7 clock. Metrosexual style is not taboo. It just needs to amp up to get showcased in the right direction.

How You Can Enjoy Metrosexuality while #StayingHome is still On?

Well, well, well, men too take time to get ready and look good. Metrosexual is all about this. It is all about a person who is keen on staying in a metropolitan area and loves to stay connected with the living pattern of the concrete jungle. So, if you too consider yourself to be the one, here are few things you need to get along with.

Protect Your Skin and Hair from Hard Water

If you love to stand under the shower for long, it is well-advised that you don’t. Water from the shower can be hard for your skin and hair. This is will lead to natural oil depletion from your skin and harm your hair with a hard mineral coating. This will prevent your skin and hair to enjoy the freshness of bathing which will ultimately lead to hair fall.


What you can do?
This is simple. One can mix apple cider vinegar in warm water to rinse your hair. You can skip the usage of costly shampoos and conditioners that are laden with sulfate and paraben. Additionally, you can also get the taps fitted with purifying filters to soften the water quality.

Include Pro-Biotics in Your Diet

Well, this is nothing to count on metrosexual characteristics. This is for everybody who wants a well-sustainable life. Bacterial that are present in our gut can affect the appearance of our skin. It is important to add here that, most bacteria, fungi, and single-celled organisms take shelter from each other. This connection helps with everything in the human body. So, it is well-advised by the experts to add products like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, Miso, Kombucha, pickles, and more.


What you can do?
It is vital to add here that for your glowing and smooth skin, you need to surely add pro-biotic in your diet. This will also help to keep your gut healthy and happy.

Don’t Ignore Your Feet

Ohh yeah, this can be the gas chamber. But, if you take proper care of your feet, it won’t smell (like hell*). So, let your feet be happy as you bravely remove your socks. You can choose, manicure and pedicure for your weekly plan. Remember, the hard layer of your skin that never gets removed from your feet needs your help now. With time, it will harden and get cracked eventually.

What you can do?
Massage your foot and especially your hells with mustard oil before going to bed. Also, take some precious time from your routine to soak your feet in warm water and salt. You can also go for foot cream and moisturizer for making your feet good and soft. Lastly, don’t forget to wear slippers while walking (as it can hurt your feet).

Metrosexual Style is Not an Odd One Out!

Yes, metrosexuality is not an odd one out now. This is a new variant of a modern man who likes to be sensitive, soft and scaling for a better future. He is just like any other person, who is outgoing toward better opportunities. His contacts and work now have a broader base. He needs to stay updated and be with time. Metrosexual style has nothing to do with LGBT Rights or Queer parade. It is simply a level-up in projecting oneself to the modern world in an advanced manner.


There is no sign of dhoti and gamcha. Things do change with time and one should be open to embracing certain changes that can get new avenues unveiled.

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