“Metrosexual” was the term we used until a few years ago for men who were pretty invested in the fashion/grooming area. It seemed like a little curse word, because how dare a man take care of himself? Sadly, I was also one of the people a little too familiar with the term, until I grew up. And thanks to the social media boom, grooming is not only an interest some men have, but a necessity for most.

Because what else is nicer than a man who likes to take care of himself?

So in order to figure out what the everyday man prefers in his routine, I asked the question on my Instagram. And many people responded, including the men’s partners. And below are what takes top spots.

Aside from the usual waking-up-and-showering, what I came to terms with is that a LOT of men have grooming steps they’re very particular about. And honestly, it’s kind of refreshing that people didn’t shy away from answering. (Kudos IG fam!)


Face wash was something with the most hits. Which is weird for me since I have a husband, and he could care less about being particular with face washes. In fact, his belief is that if I skip all of my 25 steps, I’d probably have skin as great as him. Maybe I will. Maybe how about you leave me and my K-beauty alone.

Men's Grooming
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One person says that their husband is a massive fan of bio-oil and uses it as an aftershave. Interesting. A lot of the rest spoke about beard trimmers, regular after shave – things that are more or less common amongst most, if not all men.

Sunscreen also comes up in the answers – good job, my man. Another rather surprising answer is a friend’s husband’s love for Lactocalamine. My SO just lathers Nivea body milk literally everywhere – I mean, he is obsessed with the product. We’ve probably gone through over 15 bottles or so this year alone.


The next thing that takes top spot is men’s affinity with their hair. Hair wax is a product that apparently a lot of dudes use these days. They’re also probably taking cues from McDreamy. Which, honestly, isn’t the worst thing in the world. We all want our own McDreamies.

Men's Grooming
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One particular answer that was pretty neat – a lot of men love to blow dry their hair and their beards. *casually gives own husband the side eye*


This has to be my favourite step when it comes to men’s grooming. A person who smells good is 10 times more attractive than the normal person. Deodrant/cologne/perfume – whatever floats your boat. My fave pick is The Body Shop’s Maca Root Deodrant Spray. That spray is a major win in my book. #PheromonesAlert

Men's Grooming
The Body Shop Maca Root Spray / Source: The Body Shop

Long story short, their routines might not be extensive, but it’s still something. Do you do any of the above? Or do you have your own specific routines? Let us know!

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