Men wearing shorts in offices in summers, should they be objectionable…

Men wearing shorts to work is an interesting topic of argument which many like us talk about, but think thrice before wearing one at work. The apparent reason why most men wouldn’t wear shorts to work is because your boss will get mad and you’ll be putting yourself at a professional disadvantage.

The age-old reason men can’t wear shorts in formal settings is because it makes them look like children. If we further probe the matter and discuss why children like to wear shorts. We would agree that they feel pleasant and less anxious wearing them. So increasing comfort and feeling less worried about wearing shorts that are appropriate for office spaces isn’t that bad after all. A neat pair of formal tailored shorts should make you feel at ease and more productive at work.

Men wearing shortsHowever, some folks would disagree to men wearing shorts and would probably exclaim the importance of respecting the work environment. They often raise questions like: ‘If you’re called into a meeting with senior leaders, would you feel comfortable wearing shorts?’

British schoolboys who successfully protested their academy’s anti-shorts dress code wore skirts to class during a heatwave that saw temperatures near 90 degrees. In France this summer, bus drivers made the exact same demonstration. But in a time when heat waves are increasingly common, shorts may have more significance than we realize.

Men wearing shortsMany professionals who work 9 to 5 jobs make the best use of public transport. Standing in the sun waiting for a shared taxi or bus to arrive is hard to deal with in the summer heat. Or waiting for the train while it’s about 40 degree Celsius outside and you’re slowly melting like a popsicle. Eventually, stuffy office cubicles are far from a pleasant experience.

Nevertheless, there are a few sartorial tweaks you can make to ensure your time spent in office is constructive rather than clammy. Corporate folk, however, you might want to stop reading now as you’ll probably have to save the shorts for the weekends. Because the industry you come from makes a difference. If you’re in finance, probably not. But in a more creative environment, you probably can.

For those of you who can get a way with it, here are a 
few tips on how to wear shorts to work in the summer.

Choose Simple Colours

Men wearing shortsWhile that floral pair you bought for your next holiday will look great when you’re chilling by the pool, they’re not going to work in an office environment. Stick to simple block colours like navy, olive and sand instead.


Right Fit is Crucial

Men wearing shortsOn top of choosing the right colour, getting a pair that fit properly is essential, too. Baggy shorts will look sloppy. Always go for tailored options if you’re considering wearing them to the office.


Knee Length

Men wearing shortsNow you’ve nailed the colour and cut, it’s time to get the length right. Anything past the knee should be left to your dad and anything mid-thigh could result in blurred images. Aim for somewhere on or just above the knee and you’ll be good as gold.


Legs Loose

Men wearing shortsIf your legs haven’t seen a ray of sunlight since last summer then proceed with caution when considering wearing shorts to work. At the very least apply some body moisturiser so they’re not dry.


The Rest

Men wearing shortsOk, we’ve covered the shorts, but what about the rest of the outfit, you ask? Well, just because you’re wearing shorts doesn’t mean you can slack in the other areas. Stick with something classic like a crisp Oxford shirt and a pair of brown suede loafers or some fresh canvas or leather sneakers.

Men wearing shorts to the office should only be considered if they look nice. Nice doesn’t connotate a pair of shorts with T-shirt. It needs to fit in and look appropriate to create the right balance.

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