The first time I ever heard of an eye shadow stack, it was Melt Cosmetics’. And I was so surprised – because it was so ingenious! Instead of a rectangular palette, why not a cylindrical stack? SO MUCH EASIER TO CARRY! Almost immediately, I was down to trying it out. Although, and rather unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bag a stack, Melt Cosmetics’ products have been raved about, front and centre.

And this time, the brand introduced another stack – Shape Shift – which holds four outrageous shades! And all of them have a colour shift!


Loaded with transforming pigments and twinkling pearls, this Stack will have you convinced it is a work of witchcraft. Magical Duo chrome and iridescent eye shadows that are perfect for adding a pop of sparkle, a wash of shimmering, majestic color and everything in between.

For best results, get hands-on! Use a finger to apply and watch as the skin to skin contact causes this creamy, dual toned formula to warm up beneath your fingertips, creating a supernatural expansion of dimensional, ever-changing color over the eyes.

melt cosmetics shape shift stack
Source: Melt Cosmetics
  • Delirium – Intense mauve with a rapturous pink shift so vivid you’ll think you’re hallucinating.
  • Chameleon – A changeable emerald with distinctive blue and lime green glitter flecks.
  • Mimic – Steel blue that imitates the full moon phasing into a celestial amethyst.
  • Shape Shift – Watch this magical deep terracotta evolve into and elemental bright jade.


The Melt Cosmetics Shape Shift Stack has already launched on their website. It retails for $48. However, due to intense popularity, the stack is sold out – for now. Here’s to hoping it will be back on the market soon, so we can enjoy a little witchcraft. And shift the attention.

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