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With the 14th of February slowly inching in, the hunt for the perfect V-day gift has begun. A lot of people tend to give flowers, especially roses. But do you know what is better than roses? Better Than Roses – the new collection by Milk Makeup. Skip murdering nature, and give your significant other the gift of gorgeous makeup.


The collection entails two Digital Dust Highlights in rosy hues for an amorous flush and three romantic berry toned Liquid Set Lipsticks.

And the whole thing also comes in a special Valentine’s Day packaging.

Let us dive into the singular pieces of the collection.

Phoenix Digital Dust Highlight

Regenerate your look with this upscale rosy copper.

This shade doubles as a blush for an all over luster.

Pink Moon Digital Dust Highlight

Blossom in this lavish rosé hue.

The skin like formula melts into your skin for a bubbly pink glow.

Sequel Liquid Lipstick

Continuing the story of an untamed rendezvous at the Dark Room, a sentimental plum hue in a long wearing formula leaves a lasting impression.


B-Movie Liquid Lipstick

There is nothing low budget about this suggestive Hot Pink Liquid Set Lipstick.

Double feature who? Steal the spotlight in this steamy hue!


Gwendolyn Liquid Lipstick

A true romantic, this tender coral shade will quickly replace all your other beaus and become your new sweetheart neutral.


The Better Than Roses collection by Melt launches on the 8th of February at 12 PM PST.

Find them here.

Retail prices will be as follows

  • Phoenix – $39
  • Pink Moon – $39
  • Sequel – $19
  • B-Movie – $19
  • Gwendolyn – $19
  • Full Set in Exclusive packaging – $80


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