Whether it was the time I was binge watching Chernobyl, or looking through Melt Cosmetics’ new Radioactive collection, I CAN’T not think of Imagine Dragons. And if you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, here you go. You’re welcome.

Coming back to why I’m here, the new line by Melt Cosmetics. Think insane pigment, neon fantasy realness and everything SUPER gorge with a dance club vibe. I’ve always admired Melt’s collections since they always seem to take it up a notch. Their eye shadow stacks are something I’ve ALWAYS been intrigued by, and their upcoming line is no different.


Detonate your creativity with the NEW Pressed Pigment Palette! Melt added volatile elements and turned your fave neon stack into your new favorite nuclear palette! Now with double the shades at the same price! This 8-shade palette will ignite fearlessness with outrageous color payoff!

  • Radioactive – Iridescent hot pink
  • Radon – Killer bright orange pressed pigment with pink reflects
  • Neon – Intensely dense neon yellow with gold reflect
  • Xenon – Electric lime with dynamic golden specks of glitter
  • Arsenic – Iridescent aqua that contains turquoise reflects
  • Meltdown – Cool toned amplified deep teal matte
  • Hazmat – Dangerously deep purple with an indigo shift
  • Uranium – Densely pigmented lavender foil with a hot pink shift

ALTHOUGH, I will mention this. Melt has a rather weird warning on their website. “Radioactive, Radon, and Hazmat contain ingredients that are not approved by the FDA and Melt Cosmetics for use on the eyes.” WHY USE THEM THEN? WEIRD.


Experiment with the NEW individually crafted Radioactive Blushlights! No two are the same! The multi-use formula is designed to be mixed and matched for a custom color or used separately all over the face and body for a unique, radiating glow!

  • Ultraviolet – A full spectrum of vivid pinks and purples with fluorescent fuchsia and lavender fragments.
  • Gamma Ray – A nuclear explosion of warm multi-use corals and blood oranges radiating hot pink.

Complete your dangerously bold look with the NEW Radioactive Liquid Lipsticks! The long-wearing formula won’t leave your lips feeling dry or uncomfortable. Furthermore, they’re packed with iridescent particles that make these electric shades glow!

  • Superheat – Ultra-hot iridescent pink
  • Atomic – Fundamental magenta

The Radioactive line drops soon on melt cosmetics website. Furthermore, sign up on their page for updates!