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Simple Mehndi Designs for 2019 you need to try

Mehndi has come a long way and united people from different countries & of different cultures. I have been very fond of mehndi designs since I was a little girl. So here I’m sharing some simple mehndi designs which I really admired and have saved them all in my gallery.

1. Arabic Mehndi Designs

Inspired by the Middle Eastern countries, Arabic design is very simple to apply & highly in trend as compared to traditional Indian mehndi designs.

mehndi designs
Arabic Design

This mehndi consists of a pattern from all over the hand & wrist using shading and darkened borders. These beautiful and easy designs are just perfect for occasions like rakhi, eid, or wedding functions.

2. Finger Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs
Finger Design

Finger mehndi designs is new in trend. Mehndi covers fingers with different patterns like floral, leaves, circle etc. In this type of mehndi there is hardly any work done on palms & majorly focused on fingers. This is one of the latest henna designs and every girl is drooling over it including me.

3. Flower Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs
flower Design

Not new in trend but always in trend. The most common & simple mehndi design that every girl admires. You can have heavy or light designs around the flower on palms while usually spirals and loops along with leafy patterns on the fingers.

4. Round Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs
Round Design

This includes a centre circular design with a combination of several concentric circles with designs like flowers, leaves, petals and dots. The minimal & simple details make the round mehndi design attractive. This is most commonly chosen by brides or married women.

5. Bail Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs
Bail Design

Urdu word ‘Bail’ is defined as a sequence of flowers, leaves & stems. This type of mehndi design is popular among young girls. It is a diagonal design where the full palm is not covered as shown in the above image & best for beginner designers. Easy to apply on hands & looks beautiful on every hand. You can choose this type of design for small festive occasions or family functions.

6. Peacock Mehndi Designs

Falls from the older generation, the mehndi looks extremely attractive. Try this design in a heavy pattern and make all heads turn.

mehndi designs
Peacock Design

Dubai girls love this peacock patterned designs a lot. The main focus of this henna mehndi design is a Peacock’s head which gives an elegant touch. To add on, mehndi artists also draw feathers of a peacock to give it an intricate look.

7. Heart Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs
Heart Design

As the heart is a symbol of love, express the feeling towards your loved ones with this heart-shaped designs. They are good for romantic occasions like anniversary or engagement or valentine’s day and festive events like karwachauth.

8. Glitter Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs
Glitter Design

We use glitters to make things look attractive & shiny to give us a festive feel. The same way glitter powder and coloured stones are used by mehndi artists in mehndi design to make any simple mehndi design shiny & glam. Best for wedding functions & party events.

Now, that you have seen all the trendy & simple designs of mehndi, choose the designs as per the occasion & flaunt your glam hands.