Guys. I honestly don’t know how Maybelline does it. A drugstore brand, doesn’t cost a fortune, and yet manages to get their products’ engrained in memory – constantly! HOW?

I have a new found obsession within the Fit Me Range, besides their foundations and concealers and pressed powders – their loose powders!  Man, oh man, I just used the shade I picked up (light medium) yesterday, and on first application I thought I’ll be h8ing it 4eva, but nope. I fell IN.LOVE!

Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder


Fit Me® Loose Finishing Powder is a mineral-based formula which helps control shine and smooth skin’s texture with a hint of color. This mineral powder provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup base.


Start Fit. Finish strong. Now Fit happens from start to finish! This loose setting powder is available in a collection of shades to fit any skin tone. (8 shades, to be precise. Which is big from a drugstore brand, or any brand for that matter.)


Apply with a brush. Swirl brush into powder, tap excess and lightly dust over face. Can be used alone or on top of makeup.

  • Mineral based loose finishing powder
  • Adds a finishing touch to your makeup base
  • Control shine and smooth skin’s texture
  • Gives a sheer hint of color

Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder


The packaging of the Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder is akin to the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder – Cuboidal hard plastic packaging with a twist top. The only difference is, there’s no powder net in the Fit Me.

One of the toughest things I, and apparently every other person faced, was how to open the container. It was so tricky, and no matter how many kinds of tapes and labels I removed, there was always more. Apparently you HAVE to remove the shade label too, which is… confusing, but after 10 minutes of fidgeting with it, I finally managed to pry it open. I unboxed the lid, and removed the protective seal, although I am very wary of removing protective seals because I always think they will make a mess. But I did this time, and screwed the lid back on. Shook the box a little, and opened it up again to reveal the finely milled powder.

On application, I thought the powder was too dark for me, but as I worked it in with my sponge, I realized it was the perfect match for an overall application! I don’t have a lot of dark circles so I’m good with using my shade underneath the eye instead of a brightening one. Futhermore, not only did the powder set my foundation and concealer really well, it also sort of gave my face a little bit of a blurring effect, which I LOVED!

I have dry skin, and I didn’t see the product cling to dry patches or enhance any texture, so it gets more points. I’m not so sure of longevity because I didn’t get the chance to wear it long enough, so that is something I’ll be updating in the near future, so continue watching this space!

4 shades of the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder are available on Nykaa. 20 grams of product retail for INR 695.

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