Greetings, earthlings! Today’s post focuses on yet again, another drugstore brand that has been around for quite some time now- Maybelline. With their iconic Colossal Kajal and baby lips, and ofcourse their HUGE range of lipsticks, each and every one of us probably own something Maybelline New York. And in this post, we’ll be focusing on their Dream One Day Perfect Dual Protection Lasting Base (that’s a mouthful!)


Dream One Day Perfect Dual Protection Lasting Base. Moisturizing formula that absorbs five times more sebum to keep skin feeling fresh and makeup flawless all day long.


The Maybelline primer comes in a plastic packaging which encloses the actual bottle containing the product. The bottle is cream coloured with white and dark brown text and screw cap. A pin nozzle is used to dispense the required amount of base.

Maybelline Dream One Day Perfect
Dream One Day Perfect

I’ll be honest, at first I was pretty skeptical of the primer. I didn’t really think it would work. The primer comes out as a light peach liquid that dries up and mattifies on application, leaving no white cast (thank heavens) or chunky residue. It absorbs into the skin super quick making you look shine free.

The base works perfectly on oily and combination skin types, although people with dry skin can also use it on problem areas- even more so since the primer does claim to be moisturizing. I still like to lather on my moisturizer before makeup application anyway so I didn’t feel this dry out my skin even more.

Maybelline Dream One Day Perfect
Dream One Day Perfect – Swatch

The matte effect lasts for a solid 4 and a half to 5 hours. People with super oily skin might feel the need to blot the skin afterwards.

Foundation goes on pretty well after using this primer. No streakiness or tackiness, the foundation retains it’s normal texture and consistency. Not a lot of primer is required for a full face application, which is pretty good for those of us who don’t want to constantly have to repurchase items because we run out of them too fast.

Maybelline Dream One Day Perfect
Dream One Day Perfect – Blended In

The Dream One Day Perfect retails for INR 600 and contains 25ml of product.

  1. Inexpensive, easily available.
  2. Lightweight, comfortable wear
  3. Instantly mattifies
  4. Will suit almost all skin types
  5. Has no fragrance
  6. Controls shine for 4-5 hours
  7. Contains SPF18 PA++
  1. Might not work for super dry skin
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