Beauty brands these days are doing the MOST. Take our very own Nykaa Beauty for example. They’ve had so many back-to-back launches that it isn’t exciting anymore. The Masaba collaboration, the Lip and Cheek Cushion things, the falsies – I’m over all of them.

And the newest addition are their Matte To Last babies, but in a metallic finish. Metal is the norm during fall, and more importantly, holiday season. And the new Matte To Last! Metallic products are dual use – for the eyes and the lips. So not only are they packaged in a Stila glitter shadow component, they also channel the same use, minus the glitz.


Okay, I’m going to say this on a public platform because it is something that NEEDS to be said. Nykaa, if you ever read this, PLEASE get someone to edit your descriptions because sometimes, it just gives me a headache.

  • Subtle pearls add dimension to your lips
  • Kiss-proof and transfer proof
  • Dual usage as a lipstick & eye shadow
  • Lightweight & non-drying
  • Enriched with Vitamin E for an all-day moisture lock
  • Dries into a metallic matte finish
Nykaa Matte To Last! Metallic Liquid Lipstick and Eye Shadow
Source: Brand/Facebook

Moving along, the shade names are christened after popular music tracks. Again, discrepancies between actual name and descriptions on the website follow.

  • Firework – crimson red (doesn’t look crimson to me, but okay)
  • I Like It – mauvish nude
  • Can’t Be Tamed – burgundy
  • Umbrella – pink
  • Single Ladies – classic red
  • Skyfall – deep nude
  • Thank U, Next – brick pink
  • Poker Face – champagne
Nykaa Matte To Last! Metallic Liquid Lipstick and Eye Shadow
Source: Brand/Facebook

I can’t speak for the formula of the Matte To Last! Metallic Liquid Lipstick and Eye shadows, but if they seem like your thing, pick them up here. They retail for INR 625 each.

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