Masaba Gupta has been the designer to watch out for in India. With her brand, the designer is known for a blend of contemporary and traditional with modernity taking the upper hand. Her unconventional prints along with feminine drapes and silhouettes give her the edge over other designers. And she brings her creativity to the table in the new Masaba by Nykaa collection.

Masaba by Nykaa
Source: Masaba Gupta / Twitter

The new line by Nykaa Beauty, in collaboration with the designer focuses on the power of the matchy-match, hence the hashtag “The Perfect Match”. The collection witnesses duos of lipsticks and nail paints, so you can match your tips with your lips.

The shade names take inspiration from Masaba’s quirky designs. There are a total of 12 lipsticks and 12 coinciding nail paints in the Masaba by Nykaa line. The shade range includes nudes, pinks, burgundies, reds and a coral or two.

Masaba by Nykaa
Source: Brand
Masaba by Nykaa
Source: Brand
  • Rawr – This shade celebrates all women who are ferocious and fearlessly themselves!
  • Cool Guy – Put your hair in a bun, drink some coffee and swipe on this beautiful brown tone nude to accentuate the subtle and cool gal inside you.
  • Nimbu Paani – Celebrate the basic things life has to offer with this tranquil nude tone.
  • Buzz Kill – This cool tone pink will give you the most flattering look without looking basic!
  • Face Palm – This neutral tone pink shade is as classic as it gets.
  • You Croc My World – This rosey pink is the new age girls best friend!
  • Touch Me Not – This bright pink shade is like your shield from the crowd so you live in a bubble of awesomeness!
  • Kale-ing Me Softly – Wear this pinkish plum hue, Grab on your kale smoothie and take a stroll by the beach because you’re a view no one wishes to miss.
  • Pataka – This maroonish shade is like fireworks on your tips! It’s a celebration for you and cracks up those around you like it’s no big deal!
  • Femme Fatale – There are great shades and there are shades like this blue tone red that is so iconic that it immediately makes your dazzle!
  • Wild For You – A great red shade is just as much display of personality as it is a vibrant confidence- boosting accessory.
  • Can’t Deal – This orange shade is unapologetically bright and looks fun on anyone who dares to wear it.

So if these colours and #theperfectmatch sound like your thing, then jump onto the bandwagon and discover the Masaba by Nykaa collection.

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