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We all know that men’s skin needs different care but they were never advertised as much as female cosmetic and grooming products. As per Los Angeles Times’ story of growth of men’s cosmetics in the marketplace. Men’s toiletry sales are expected to hit $2.6 billion this year, up from $2.2 billion in 2006, and $3.2 billion in annual sales is anticipated as soon as 2016, as per the reports.
Growing facial hair, men produce more collagen and have far thicker and tougher skin than us. Since men’s activity spectrum is wide, they get exposed to the sun, wind and pollution to a great extent. Skin of men is naturally oily with larger pores and is thicker and rougher with copious hair growth. So, an appropriate skin care routine is needed for men. To begin with, men should realize that proper skin care isn’t going to occupy hours of their busy day. Few minutes a day is all that is necessary. 
In order to keep men’s skin calm, clear and strong, they should use products that reduce inflammation caused by shaving. Men’s skin care usually involves using a cleanser, shaving cream, conditioner, a toner, and a moisturizer. But choosing the appropriate product which makes your skin glowing and clear is a difficult task as their are so many products available in the market and almost every brand is using same ingredients to manufacture their products. From all the best brands in market, Oriflame is the best which i recommend for your skin. 
Swedish cosmetic brand ‘ Oriflame ‘  is one of the fastest growing beauty companies in the world. With a presence in 62 countries, the brand is one of the leading players in the direct selling industry. In India alone, there are 1,20,000 consultants for Oriflame. There products have gained popularity in the Indian market and also they are available at affordable prices. There are other brands also who have introduced few of their products for men skin care like Garnier and Ponds but their reviews were not so impressive if i have to compare them with the ones manufactured by Oriflame. 
So, here are some simple, yet effective additions to your normal skin routine. It might not be what you want, but it’s certainly what your skin needs.

1. Cleansing

A gentle, effective cleanser can balance both dry and oily areas. Avoid bar soaps, instead use simple foam base face wash as they are more effective as compared to normal face wash.

Pure Skin Face Wash

20164Price : Rs. 449
Cleanses impurities and eliminates excess shine from the surface of the skin for a clearer and healthier-looking complexion. Oil-free formula helps balance oily skin. Removes and prevents impurities, cleanses skin and eliminates dead skin cells. Use daily for a visibly shine-free effect. 


North For Men Active Fairness Face Wash

20159Price : Rs. 499
Invigorating face wash for a lighter, cleansed complexion, with protective Arctic Pro Defense and Polar White Complex.


2. Exfoliate

You can’t scrub blackheads or acne away, scrub can also remove dead skin from your face to give you a clean and smooth skin. Especially a light moisturizing base works best.

Pure Skin Scrub Face Wash Deep Action

20194Price : Rs. 499
A deep-acting, exfoliating cleanser which targets spots and blackheads by penetrating pores with powerful anti-bacterial ingredients. It keeps your skin smooth all day long.

3. Moisturize

Use a more emollient formula with additional anti-irritants to soothe skin and try to apply moisturizer all over. Apply the moisturizer just after washing your face as there is no use of applying it after your skin is completely dry. Skin won’t absorb the moisturizer and it will give a greasy texture to your face.

North For Men Moisturising Fairness Lotion16560

Price : Rs. 279
It helps in keeping your skin hydrated without giving an oily texture. Apply it all over your face and massage using your finger tips.

Pure Skin Shine Control Cream


Price : Rs. 549
Moisturizing cream for problematic, oily skin. It instantly reduces shine and helps prevent blemishes and enlarged pores.


4. Shaving & Grooming

The best time to shave is immediately following your shower, as washing your face will help soften the hairs which will make your shave smoother and less irritating. Don’t use very hot water as that will irritate skin, causing redness and inflammation.

Apply a well-formulated, gentle shave gel or a foam based one. Using a clean, fresh razor, shave with the direction of your hair growth with short strokes. Be sure to rinse your razor often. Run your hands over your face to ensure that you haven’t missed any areas. A fragrance-free shave cream loaded with anti-irritants will make your shave an easier one.

North For Men Active Normal Skin Shaving Foam

30120Price : Rs. 379
A foam based shaving cream works well on your beard, also it gives you more time to do other skin care activities.


North For Men Normal Skin Shaving Foam


Price : Rs. 298
Rich creamy foam for normal skin. Enriched with Arctic Pro-Defense and protective Glide-Tech technology, it guarantees ultra-smooth shave. Leaves the skin feeling soothed and moisturized.

North For Men Active After Shaving Moisture Balm


Price : Rs. 299
Dual-action formula soothes and protects shaven skin and provides moisture. This cooling formula leaves skin hydrated, soothed and protected.


North For Men After Shave Lotion


Price : Rs. 379
After shave lotions are the best way to provide comfort to your skin. Irritation caused by shaving can only be cured by using after shave lotions or balms as it contains an antiseptic agent such as denatured alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate or witch hazel to prevent infection of cuts, as well as to act as an astringent to reduce skin irritation. Menthol is also used in some varieties as well to numb damaged skin.


Also like i have mentioned above that as one gets older, the skin tends to dry up, so in that case use of wrinkle correcting creams is advised.

Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream

Price : Rs. 1900
It re-plump wrinkles while you sleep. Created with the unique Plant Stem Cell extract, Ecollagen night cream acts to fill and re-plump wrinkles from within, and prevent their further formation. Its rich and silky texture quickly absorbs into your skin.


Once you know your skin type you can choose products that are best for you and your skin-care concerns. But don’t worry, the routines I’ve put together for you will take no more than five minutes. 
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