Manish Malhotra Latest Collaboration with Chandon is crisp of uniqueness

Manish Malhotra is one of the best designer of India. His designs and style are so unique and classy that you can’t take your eyes off. He has crossed nearly three decades in, the fashion designer with a contingent of celebrity followers but shows no signs of slowing down. Manish Malhotra Latest Collaboration is with Chandon which creates  excitement in me. Malhotra is now turning his expertise to wine bottles, deftly transforming them into mini couture collectibles.

Manish Malhotra Latest Collaboration _ stylegodsManish said ” Over the last few years, Chandon has built the allure of bubbles in India with their fabulous ‘Made in India’ sparkling wine. When I heard the story of the brand’s genesis in Argentina and journey across the world, I found a close analogy to the evolution of modern Indian fashion. Both have travelled through the years, rooted in history while staying relevant for a contemporary lifestyle. I truly believe that fashion, food and drink are significant indicators of a culture. In India, the coming together of both is an essential part of our festivals, weddings and other celebrations. So, when Chandon reached out to me to create these bottles, I was excited to work with a new canvas. ”

Manish Malhotra Latest Collaboration _ stylegodsHe also mentioned his inspiration ” I have created two distinct designs on the bottles. While one is reminiscent of the night sky during Diwali and depicts the prints on a sherwani, the other celebrates the sari. In keeping with Chandon’s French legacy, my prime inspiration were the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. This was further filtered in the context of Indian celebrations. ”

Manish Malhotra Latest Collaboration _ stylegodsI am working to open new stores and present new collections. We are now adding an extension to our flagship store in Delhi. At almost 15,000sqft, it will be the largest designer store in the country.

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