Celebrating Manish Arora’s 10th Anniversary In The World Of Fashion

Let us take you to Manish Arora’s 10th anniversary excursion in Paris Fashion Week. Call it what you want, the whisperings of the heart or a push in the ideal direction of fashion world Manish Arora has always made your way easy and awestruck by his creativity. However, he gathered the guts to pursue in fashion designing when he was schooling in India. That was the period when he decided to join National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Manish Arora's 10th Anniversary _stylegodsWe can’t agree more that his combinations are unexpected but look best when the models walk the ramp. Can you even think nightgowns paired with fur-trimmed mules and silk pyjamas emblazoned with dreamcatchers. Rather than Arora’s usual selection of high heeled trinkets, the versions were decked in fragile bijouterie. For the official jewellery for this collection, he paired with Zoya. The luxury bead boutique, made a group titled ‘Musée du Luxe’ that was specially designed for Paris Fashion Week.

We loved the dancing rubies that blossom in spring. The show’s closing section saw Arabic prints on mosaic topics, conventional zardozi adorning handwoven Chanderi. But it was not enough, he also designed Aztec Animalia on coats.

In one of the statement, the designer said that “I have attempted to explore India’s expertise in embroidery and fabrics. I have tried to put it global context by employing traditional methods to create innovative vases. It is like introducing a component of India into the entire year after year. And it makes me feel so much nearer to my motherland.”

Congratulations Manish on your 10th year anniversary and all the wishes for the years ahead.

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