Manish Arora And Zoya Collaboration for spring and summer collection

It is surprising and amazing to hear that two fashion labels are together to create a new fashion statement. Zoya, the Diamond Boutique from the tata house, on Tuesday announced a collaboration with eminent fashion designer Manish Arora. The collaboration is for his tenth anniversary presentation at the Paris Fashion Week. Manish Arora And Zoya collaboration was born out of a natural synergy in design philosophy.

Manish Arora And Zoya Collaboration _ stylegodsIf there is anything you can rely on Manish Arora for, it is the guarantee that he will leave a lasting impression on his audience. And Zoya the luxury brand has unbeatable passion jewellery that every women wants to wear. Finding common grounds in making Indian aesthetic contemporary both the brands are working hard.

Zoya will be presenting a selection of jewellery from previous collections. Some collections such as Krsna, Musee Du Luxe, Awadh, Jewels of the Crown and its yet-to-be-launched Whispers from the Valley festive collection, to complement Arora’s clothes.

Manish Arora And Zoya Collaboration _ stylegods

“Our spring/summer 2018 line reflects fun and luxury. Elements like hearts, stars, feathers and flowers will be used in collection. The collaboration with Zoya Jewellery is a creative fusion of similar visions. We are using different media to achieve what we are looking for. I am looking forward to the show where we will get to see this dreamy amalgamation,” said the designer.

While Arora’s show is set for the September 28, here’s you first look at what you can expect from the designer and Zoya at Paris Fashion Week.

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