Mango Campaign celebrates the authenticity of every individual

When ever we think of inter-nation brands of clothing MANGO is one whicch is always in the top of the list. MANGO is a clothing design brand and a manufacturing company. It was founded in Barcelona, Catalonia by brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic. MANGO launches its new campaign for April, A Story of Uniqueness. The Mango Campaign this time celebrates the authenticity of each individual for their personality and talent.The portraits and video campaign were shot by Angelo Penetta. The styling was done by Aleksandra Woroniecka.

Mango Campaign _ stylegodsThe campaign presented different personalities with a shared value : they are all unique. The cast included seven people aged between 20 and 63. The basic purpose of shot was to focus on everyday situations in the multicultural environment of the district of Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Mango Campaign _ stylegodsThe first pair in the campaign is made up of Bhumika Arora, a 29 year old Indian model, and Lyn Slater, an American university professor aged 63. Staz, 24, plays the guitar and the bass and combines her modeling career along with her singing career. Misha, 26, is a member of the punk group Sad Girl, in which she is also the singer and lead guitarist. Andre and Parker van Noord, from the Netherlands and aged 53 and 20, are father and son and models by profession.

Mango Campaign _ stylegodsThe final star of the campaign was Lauren Johnson. She is a 25 year old ceramics artist. She was not in the original cast, but one of the extras in the project. As soon as she was on the set because of her personality, talent, unique and genuine look. She attracted the attention of the creative team, who did not hesitate to include her in the cast. So finally she came as one of the stars of the A Story of Uniqueness campaign.

A Story of Uniqueness.

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