Malini Vachani-Akerkar Jewellery Launch to make your jewellery box interesting as love for gems is never-ending for a classic woman

“Jewelry and pins have been worn throughout history as symbols of power, sending messages. It is crystal clear the power duo Malini and Rahul Akerkar is well known in hospitality circles and both have very strong opinions and can be quite obstinate. Malini Vachani-Akerkar is known for her passion for painting, interior styling and art deco-inspired semi-precious jewellery in its latest extension. The entrepreneur is taking a big and different step with, Malini Vachani-Akerkar Jewellery Launch. She unveils her maiden jewellery collection with a preview at Ensemble, Kemps Corner, Mumbai. Here are we with few glimpses of her amazing collection which will leave a big smile on your face once you scroll down our gallery.

“But I found myself wanting whenever I hunted for art deco jewellery. So two years ago, I started researching jewellery from the era, which I have now revived with my line. We have laid immense focus on the handicraft value and aesthetic sensibility of the pieces. They are timeless heirloom collectables that can be passed down for generations.” said Malini Vachani-Akerkar. The entire collection has the semi-precious range of jewellery is equal parts accessible and affordable, and features earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings using semi-precious and hydrothermal gemstones.

No second thoughts because the style and fashion of this collection need age and a perfect occasion to carry them. There are no bars for the designer to design and design lovers to wear it. Each piece from her launch collection is bound to resonate with well-travelled multifaceted women, who will be able to style these classic designs for a versatile roster of events ranging from dinner parties to destination weddings.

Time to get a new jewellery collection because trust me this is the ultimate happiness which you will love to flaunt.

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