Make up foundation-

How to choose make up foundation for Indian skin tone-

Women love to dress up themselves and when it comes to dressing the first thing comes to their mind is the right make up. With a right make up, comes the all-time confusion  of choosing the right base/ foundation for your skin. I am sure, this confusion is faced by many, because, we would not want to look too ashy or too whitish, but would love to look perfect. Through this article we will tell you –ways to find the perfect foundation for you, here they are-


There are number of factors that you should keep in mind before buying a foundation-

  • Climate- Climate plays a big role. One has to keep in mind that for colder regions a hydrating foundation will be more suitable whereas for hot regions one should go for long staying foundation which comes with an SPF.  
  • Time-  While applying foundation one should also check the time of the day, as heavy foundations are not applied during the day, they look better during night.
  • Age- Age also plays a major role too, go for the anti-age foundations that have  shimmer which can make you look younger.
  • Occasion-Don’t wear a heavy foundation for a normal house party or something. That can make you look over the top.

  • Determining Your Skin tone-When choosing a foundation for your skin, it’s important to find one that is closest to your skin color. See,  If you’re new to makeup, don’t  ever try to pick up anything that comes your way on an online website  because that single purchase may lead you to  regret in the future. You should visit the makeup stores instead.
  • Color Theory—Find Your Undertone
    If you want to own a foundation, the first thing you want to do is to help create an even-tone finish, and not to the change the color of the skin. Also to see if your complexion has warm (yellow), cool (pink) or neutral undertones. Usually, undertones fall into 3 categories. One trick is to find your undertone is to look at the veins in your wrist—if they appear blue or purple, you’re cool; green or olive, you’re warm and if they’re a mix of both, you’re neutral.

Foundation Coverage- Essential part of a foundation is its coverage , i.e how much you want to conceal or cover  in your face and in what depths, Like undertones, foundations fall into three categories as well – full, medium and sheer coverage. While full coverage aims at concealing acne, scars and marks, it also works better for night occasions. Sheer, on the other hand, is meant for rather clear skin. It’s good for daily use as well.

  • Skin- Last but not the least, before buying foundation for your skin keep in mind

different skin types  and then choose accordingly —

Normal Skin: You can go for lotion-based foundations that be used if you have an even complexion and a normal skin, i.e., neither too oily nor too dry.

Dry skin: Liquid foundations, which have a cream base should be applied on a dry, tight skin. Application of compact powder is not advisable on a dry skin

Oily skin: Beauty experts recommend water-based and matte-based foundations for women with an oily face to help remove excessive oils. The shade of the foundation should be similar as per your skin tone.  If needed, you can also apply compact powder.

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