So there I was, ignorant little me, procrastinating to my wit’s end and scrolling through the gram. Wondering what it is that I’d be eating later. Maggi? Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich? Should I order in? When all of a sudden, I stumbled across a breathtaking image. The photo posted by Harper’s Bazaar, showed Kaia Gerber at the Maison Valentino Haute Couture Spring Summer ’19 show.

*insert heart eye emojis*. I quickly dashed off to Valentino’s Instagram – where I saw the rest of the magical show, and the equally GORGEOUS makeup. Of course, when I found out who the artist behind the look was, I knew I couldn’t have expected any less. It was none other than the SUPER talented, Pat McGrath.

Pierpaolo Piccioli curated the vibrant collection for Valentino. An array of florals, bold colours and ruffles – the collection yelled Spring Summer from the rooftops.

“I have asked the seamstresses of the Atelier to personally name each dress with a name of a flower or with the emotion brought by the flower itself. I was inspired by the Abécédaire de Flore”. 

The Beauty Of Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is a makeup goddess when it comes to couture. I remember being baffled by her look at the Givenchy Spring 2019 show – where she gave two models a half face of iridescent silver sparkle.

And true to her style, the queen outdid herself for Valentino. Featuring next-level lashes and 3D face paint, the makeup rightfully complimented the show.

Taken from Allure Magazine

“On all of the models, McGrath rimmed the eyes with black liner (her PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in Xtreme Black) and coated the lashes in FetishEyes — the makeup legend’s newest product launch and first mascara (which hits shelves in February) — to create intensity and depth.

She also broke out two of her 18 new Lust: Gloss shades: Earth Angel (a golden champagne), which she used on the models with light to medium complexions, and Bronze Venus (a bronze spiked with pink pearlescent flecks), which she used on models with darker skin tones.”

While some of the models had their faces painted to reflect the floral theme, others (like Kaia) had stunning lash extensions. Coupled with feathers, the lashes looked completely out of this world.

Some of the feathers were light lilac, while others came in royal blue, garnet, and beige. Each in compliment to the gown coming down the runway.

Of-course, one can not talk about the Valentino Spring Summer ’19 show without the mention of Naomi Campbell. The living legend glided down the runway, closing the show in a gorgeous black gown.

To sum it up, this is possibly the first show I’ve taken a keen interest in, and hopefully it won’t be my last.

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