Mai Couture Papier is the one that will give you finishing touch anywhere, anytime you want

We are all constantly in search of new nifty tricks and it makes us crazy if it’s a beauty product. And one of the latest product that you need to know and add to your make-up routine is Papier. Mai Couture Papier could be the perfect new addition for those looking for practical makeup to apply on-the-go. Papiers sheets are infused with foundation, blusher, highlighter and bronzer. All you have to do is sweep the paper over your face for a flawless finish.

Mai Couture Papier _ stylegodsThe color is applied using a similar technique to blotting papers which work by removing excess oil from the skin. The shade is just too pretty and you do not need to use it to its full extent. And if you need a bit more drama then you can use left over as your eye shadow.

Mai Couture Papier _ stylegodsIt looks totally beautiful and gives a healthy glow to your lids. The full size product comes with 50 papers. You will only need one for your entire face. The sample came with 25 sheets. The full size comes with 50 sheets.

Mai Couture Papier _ stylegodsThe idea behind this product is that you use it to top up your make-up during the day or office time. You can even use them instead of your usual products for a sheer, natural make-up look. Brilliant for instant plans of outing, the papers replace your make-up bag with a product that can fit in your pocket.

Robolink_SpringBreak_robot-programming_MaiCouture_MakeupUniversity3You can buy the product here.

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