Literally EVERYBODY knows Madonna. From your grandparents, to your parents, to these Gen Z kids with midline diastemas – the pop queen is exactly that – a queen, an icon, a living legend. With the release of her latest album, Madame X, and the tour that comes along with it, Madonna did something we weren’t expecting her to do. She shook hands with Too Faced Cosmetics and dropped two EXCLUSIVE AF kits, which you can’t just walk into your local Sephora and pick up. Oh no no, to grab these brand new Madonna x Too Faced kits, you’ve got to sacrifice your bank account.


The divalicious alliance brags two makeup kits, with exclusive eye shadow palettes and much more – something Queen Madonna will be wearing on her tours too. In short, this is basically your gateway to channeling your inner Madonna.


Contains an exclusive 4-shade eye shadow palette, and exclusive blush shades. Moreover, it also includes the

  • Melted Matte Lipstick in ‘Sell Out’
  • Chocolate brownie brow pencil
  • Their infamous Better Than Sex mascara.

Similarly, this kit also contains an exclusive eye shadow palette, and highlighter instead of a blush. Furthermore, iconic Too Faced pieces include

Madonna x Too Faced
Source: Trendmood

Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino couldn’t stress enough how limited the Madonna x Too Faced kits are. So unless you’re one of the early birds who snagged the collection online, or are going to her concerts, too bad. However, the collection is also temporarily available at the NYC Madame X pop-up shop from Sept. 13 through Sept. 19. The pop-up is located at 430 West 15 Street in Manhattan.

Blandino says the brand might eventually sell the sets online, depending on demands. Each of the Madonna x Too Faced kits cost $70.

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