MAC Cosmetics is an OG in the world of makeup. Their stores are synonymous to Narnia for people like me, who step into MAC only during sales lol. Every now and then, when I have mum’s card, I splurge a little during regular days too. (Don’t tell her!) MAC does neutrals really well, but for Spring 2019 they’ve taken a step in a bolder direction – introducing Art Library!

The Art Library was expertly curated by MAC artists.

Courtesy - Temptalia

Take your makeup skills to the next level and ignite your inspiration with the chic, heated shades of the FLAME-BOYANT palette.

Bare your soul with the intensely pigmented neutrals of the NUDE MODEL palette, or go avant-garde with the runway-ready range of IT’S DESIGNER palette.

Each palette is carefully coordinated for high-impact, next-level eye artistry – and designed to get you started on your next masterpiece!


Courtesy - Temptalia

  • AMBER LIGHTS Peachy-brown with shimmer (Frost)
  • SAMOA SILK Warm orangey-beige (Matte)
  • RULE Vivid orange (Matte)
  • DALI WOOD Burnt-brick orange (Matte)
  • FAN THE FLAMES Warm reddish copper (Frost)
  • LOUVRE AT FIRST SIGHT Cool red (Matte)
  • FLAME BOYANT Metallic red (Frost)
  • EVERYONE’S DARLING Warm wine burgundy (Matte)
  • DADA ISSUES Peachy-brown (Matte)
  • LA VIDA MOCHA Brown with bronze pearl (Frost)
  • EMBARK Intense reddish-brown (Matte)
  • WHAT’S THE POINTILLISM White gold pearl (Frost)



Courtesy - Temptalia


  • STARRY NIGHT Sheer plum rose with green flip pearl (Frost)
  • BRIGHT PINK Intense fuchsia-pink (Matte)
  • MY KID COULD MAKE THAT Lime-green (Matte)
  • IT’S DESIGNER Metallic orangey-bronze (Frost)
  • DARKROOM Metallic purple (Frost)
  • GALLERINA Metallic turquoise (Frost)
  • HIGH CONCEPT Bright-silver (Frost)
  • IF IT AIN’T BAROQUE Bright-gold (Frost)
  • CHROME YELLOW Vivid bright yellow (Matte)
  • TRIENNIAL WAVE Cool blue (Satin)
  • CAN’T AFFORD THIS Bright neon orange (Matte)
  • CARBON Intense black (Matte)



Courtesy - Temptalia

  • SHROOM Soft beige with shimmer (Satin)
  • L.E.S. ARTISTE Metallic silver grey (Frost)
  • SANDSTONE Cool grey-beige (Matte)
  • DANCE IN THE DARK Deep blackened plum (Matte)
  • SUGAR PLUM Cool plum (Matte)
  • NUDE MODEL Metallic taupe (Frost)
  • DROP THE ROBE Beige with gold pearl (Frost)
  • TETE-A-TINT Peachy soft neutral (Matte)
  • PLEASING TO THE EYE Mid-tone rose (Matte)
  • OUTRE Mustardy-brown (Matte)
  • ESPRESSO Muted golden brown (Matte)
  • GOGH LIGHTLY Light metallic olive-green (Frost)


The Art Library collection also has 3 lipstick, one of which is a total banger because of the love for the similar named lip pencil.

  • YOU WOULDN’T GET IT Mid-tone pink (Matte)
  • DOWN TO AN ART Peachy nude (Matte)
  • SOAR Deep mauvish plum (Matte)

Courtesy - Temptalia

The collection is limited edition and will launch on the 14th of February at Nordstrom. Alternatively, the collection will be available at select MAC stores from the 25th.

While the palettes will cost $48, the lipsticks will be priced at $18.50.

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