In a world of full-sized lipsticks, minis are the real show stoppers. They cost half of the big ones, and with regular use, you know you’ll finish them before the expiry date kicks in. In short, they’re pretty great. And same is the case with the MAC mini lipsticks.

If you were to scroll through Nykaa, you’ll find 21 shades of the cult favourite lipsticks in minis. 11 shades have been recently added to the docket. They’re also available in 3 separate formulas.

  • Retro Matte: zero-shine matte finish
  • Matte: the original matte finish
  • Satin: velvet sheen finish

Most of the popular shades from the brand’s range are included in the minis. Which makes sense, so if you’ve always wanted to purchase a MAC lipstick sans the splurge, you get to do it now!

MAC Mini Lipsticks
Source: Harvey Nichols
  • Whirl – matte
  • Twig – satin
  • Flat Out Fabulous – satin
  • Chili – matte
  • Tropic Tonic – satin
  • Mehr – matte (best nude for desi skin tones)
  • Velvet Teddy – matte (my favourite!)
  • Please Me – satin
  • All Fired Up – satin
  • Russian Red – matte
  • Ruby Woo – retro matte (MAC’s most popular shade)
  • Captive – satin
  • Diva – matte
  • Lady Danger – satin
  • Mocha – satin
  • Breathing Fire – satin
  • Rebel – satin
  • Runway Hit – satin
  • Relentlessly Red – satin
  • D For Danger – matte
  • Sin – matte

All these lipsticks have medium to full coverage, and the matte one last ALL day long. Moreover, considering the sizes, as mentioned before, you’ll actually be able to finish them! I wish they brought minis for limited edition collections too. I won’t have an overflowing drawer that way *touchwood*

In conclusion, each of the mini lipsticks cost INR 990, which is still a little more than half of the full sized lipstick. But hey, what can one do? Shop these mini babes in MAC stores or online.

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